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CFO LinkedIn Group Surpasses 10,000 Members!

Recently the Strategic CFO LinkedIn group surpassed the 10,000 membership mark! It is now the 3rd largest CFO group in LinkedIn out of a total of over 1,350 worldwide.

CFO LinkedIn Group

Started in 2008, the Strategic CFO LinkedIn group has been adding new members at a rate of 75 to 125 per week. These new members come from all around the world and are involved in all industries. More importantly, they are talking to each other! Each month there are 40 to 50 new discussions between professionals. The topics range from the economy to banking to cash flow.

Over 10,000 CFOs can’t be wrong about the benefits of joining groups in LinkedIn! These CFOs are enhancing their professional image by being active in an organization that acts as a “thought leader” for their profession. Some members come to the group to see what their peers are saying about the issues they are facing in their companies and in their careers.  Some visit to follow trends within their particular profession or industry.  Still others use the group to guide their careers or to land that perfect job.

Often, CFOs feel that they are too busy to take the time to network.  With groups such as this, these professionals get the chance to build their professional network without leaving their desk.  Group membership also makes it easier for members to find each other should they need a referral for services outside of their home city or area of expertise.

Join Our LinkedIn Group

If you’re not already a member of the Strategic CFO LinkedIn group, join today and see what all the buzz is about. Build on the image you have built to date.

P.S. Pass the word on to friends!

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Strategic CFO Lab Member Extra

Access your Projections Execution Plan in SCFO Lab. The step-by-step plan to get ahead of your cash flow.

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Blog CFO Named Top Social Media Resource for CFOs

Blog CFO has recently been identified as a top social media resource for CFOs in American Express’ Inside Edge:

“Blog CFO – This active blog…targets small and mid-sized company finance executives and is best known for its weekly news roundup. The blog’s list of related links is especially noteworthy.”

We thank you, the readership, for making this possible.

Resource for CFOs

To learn more financial leadership skills, download the free 7 Habits of Highly Effective CFOs. Find out how you can become a more valuable financial leader.

resource for CFOs

Strategic CFO Lab Member Extra

Access your Flash Report Execution Plan in SCFO Lab.

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Got Job? Get LinkedIn

Are you looking for a job? Do you think you will be looking for a job? Do you have a job but want more security? Join LinkedIn today!

Company executives and professionals are joining social networking sites in droves. Successful executives have numerous contacts. You should too!

Get your professional experience out on the World Wide Web. Make contact with other professionals who can help you solve problems and do a better job at work.

Join the Strategic CFO’s LinkedIn group to start securing your future!


Facebook or LinkedIn? Which is it?

Should I join Facebook or LinkedIn? What is the difference? Or should I join both?

Facebook is by far the more popular social networking site of the two. However, it is more personal in nature. Do you want your business contacts seeing you dancing at a Super Bowl party? Probably not.

A deciding factor is how discriminating are you with who is your friend? This applies to both your physical relationships,as well as,your online ones. You are not friends with everyone you meet in person. Why should you be friends with everyone you meet online?

Everyone has two lives. A personal life and a business life. We try to keep them separate. The same approach should be taken online. Join Facebook for the personal friends you have and join LinkedIn for your business contacts.


New Year’s Resolution # 1; Join Linked In

If you haven’t already you should join Linked In. If you are under 25 you probably are on Facebook or Myspace. If you are over 40 you don’t even think about joining a social networking site. I have been evaluating several sites for the last year and have come up with three good reasons to join.

First, if you are going to need a job in the next few years (or you think that with the recession getting worse that the probability is high) then being on a networking site raises your visibility. You can search the sites to find someone already working at a company that you are interested in. The IT industry has been a power user of Linked In for several years.

Second, if you are doing the hiring then you can find people that have worked with the candidate in the past. It makes checking references easy.

Finally, by joining a group on a networking site you can find like-minded professionals. You can share ideas, research vendors and ask questions.

So once you have decided to join a group then you need to decide which one. I think that everyone should pick two sites; one personal and the other business. Facebook is becoming the defacto personal social networking site. If you ask any teenager they prefer Facebook over MySpace. I think that the same thing is going to happen in the business networking sites.

Last year I joined Linked In, Naymz, Plaxo and Ning. After 12 months of trying to maintain three different sites I finally decided this fall to concentrate on Linked In. Every month I received more request to connect to someone on Linked In than the other two. I am now trying to go “deeper” into one site versus trying to maintain three.


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