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Success Is Your Business

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Success Is Your Business

I am going away from talking about traditional cash flow analysis this week. I was recently at a meeting with Larry Tyler of Metro Bank here is Houston. Larry was the guest speaker talking about how proper cash flow management can make a business successful. He then discussed how  business owners need to look beyond the financial numbers and look in the mirror to find out how their personal beliefs can affect the cash flow of their companies. Furthermore, Larry pointed out the reason business owners need to look in the mirror is that their personal values are going to make their businesses successful.

Success Philosophies

Larry was kind enough to put together that a business owner understand and believe some of the following points and philosophies that make success is your business a reality.

  1. Everybody in is a salesperson.
  2. Are you a salesperson in business, or are you a business owner making sales?
  3. You will not reach your potential as a sales professional until you answer the question, and answer it correctly! The Law of the Shareholder demands that you do.
  4. The Law of the Shareholder says that the most successful salespeople buy stock in themselves, they adopt a “CEO mindset” where they see themselves as a business owner making sales with a compelling vision to help people and they begin to stop thinking of themselves as an employee.
  5. The life of us lives in the life within the limits of our own thinking.

A Contract in Thinking

                           A Contrast in Thinking

	Salesperson Thinking			CEO Thinking

Pays only for what can be reimbursed	   Invest money to make money

Calls on anybody			   Calls on the right body

Reacts to interruptions 		   Makes sure interruptions don’t occur

Keeps safe clients			   Terminates unprofitable relationships
Is busy and action oriented		   Is productive and results focused 
Thinks quantity is more important	   Knows quality creates more quantity

Puts profits before people		   Puts people before profits 

Puts revenue before reputation             Puts reputation before revenue

Builds business ahead of capacity	   Builds capacity ahead of business 

Prioritizes schedules                      Schedules priorities

Is short-term oriented                     Is long-term oriented

Relies on quick turnaround                 Relies on clients’ trust

Succeeds by accident                       Succeeds by design


success is your business

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