Strategic Planning Workshop

The Strategic CFO designed the Strategic Planning Workshop when we saw financial leaders failing to lead their organization. It was a result of different department not communicating with one another. This not only caused conflict, but it left opportunities on the table, created preventable crises, and left the CFO is despair. Bring your team together to bridge the gap between the financial function and the rest of your team. Progress and success cannot happen if not every leg of the company is working towards the same goal.

What is the Strategic Planning Workshop?

This 1-day workshop brings a team together to dive into strategic planning with the entire organization. Each department in an organization is represented in this workshop (sales, marketing, finance, operations, etc.). Some of the topics include how to find opportunities in crisis, how to plan for adversity, and how to be the hero in your company.

You will walk away with the following:

  • The state of the economy – what’s going on in the world?
  • How to manage an organization in a downturn
  • A SWOT Analysis
  • Goals for the next quarter/year
  • Solutions to inefficiencies in the organization

The Purpose of the Strategic Planning Workshop

The purpose of our Strategic Planning Workshop is to further develop the financial skills needed and to bring clarity in a organization. It will give the leadership of an organization to confidence to pursue new ventures, grow, or strength their internal processes.

Strategic Planning Workshop

Meet Your Instructor

When you attend the Strategic Planning Workshop, you will be working with our President, Dan Corredor. Over the last 28 years of his career, Dan has strategically planned for multinational corporations, private entities, and public companies. Whether it is mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, operational and financial restructuring, or accounting efficiencies, Dan quickly assesses the situation and is able to see clearly. Dan works with business owners, private equity groups, lenders, and bond holders.

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