Short|LYST – Coming Soon!

Short|LYST is simply that… A shortlist of talented candidates that we would hire right now for ourselves!

In the past, we have spent hundreds of hours before finding the right person. From screening resumes to conducting screening calls and face-to-face interviews, then to deciding on who to hire… We spent so many hours finding that perfect person. Many companies have to experience the same typical hiring process… It’s time-consuming and exhausting. And there’s no guarantee that the person you hire is the perfect employee. Over the last 30 years, our team has been perfecting our hiring process – including screening, interviewing, judging the fit, making the offer, and onboarding the employee.


AND we have now made our results available for you! This easy process begins by selecting the final candidates to hire. We have already prescreened, interviewed, checked references, and put our trusted stamp of approval on them.

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