Testimonials from The Strategic CFO Coaching Alumni

"I had the opportunity of participating in The Strategic CFO™’s coaching program at a critical juncture in my career as I transitioned from a Controller to a CFO.  There are many demands placed on CFOs.  The coaching program challenged me to cut through the clutter of day-to-day tasks, and  instead focus my efforts on key business drivers, leadership, and ultimately sales and implementation of ideas and initiatives to superiors, peers, subordinates, and financiers.  In short, the focus of the program is to encourage participants to frame the role of the CFO as a value creator, not a cost center, in both fact and perception. I would highly recommend this program for both current and aspiring CFOs."

David Robison CFO of Audubon

"The Strategic CFO™ course has given me real-life applicable tools that we now use in our day-to-day operations and help us manage our business... It has increased cash-flow by over $700,000 with the use of decreasing our days-sales-outstanding metric by over 14 days. The Strategic CFO and its course now pay for my salary... I would recommend the course because the profits and cash flow generated through the tools taught have far exceeded the cost of the course..."

Maxx Burrows CFO of Bludworth Marine LLC

“The Strategic CFO™ coaching program helped to reaffirm my desire to not only contribute at a higher level to my organization but also to realize the unfulfilled goals I have for myself as an accountant and a business leader.”

Geri Pacheco CFO of Arch-Con | 2013-2014 HBJ CFO of the Year

"I decided to sign up for coaching with The Strategic CFO with the goal of personal development. I really liked the small group setting and the discussions we had. I was also able to collaborate with a peer outside of the classroom. Even though I switched roles within my company halfway through the program (from the financial side to a more operational role) the strategies I learned are still transferable and help me in my work today."

Debbie Schmied ‎VP of Operational Support at Elite Compression Services

"My superior took the course and then enrolled me in it. I was entirely on board because it's a challenge to think strategically and seems "out of my reach" to actually become a C-level company leader. This course brings that down to earth and makes it a possibility for you."

Amber Hill Financial Analyst at North Houston Pole Line

"I went into The Strategic CFO Coaching program with concerns for my company regarding risk management, automation, and moving to a paperless environment. I absolutely feel that the program helped me focus my energy into productive areas to address these concerns. It's an excellent program and I really respect Jim."

Jeff Spillane CFO at Anslow Bryant Construction LTD

"The Strategic CFO helped me refine the tools and skillset necessary to add value to my organization as the CFO. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to find ways to increase profitability, maximize cash flows, and to become the financial leader of your company."

Scott Shackouls CFO at T-Rex Engineering and Construction

I enrolled in the Strategic CFO coaching workshops because I had a desire to learn how to be a more effective CFO. And the course was right on target.

Ken Ward

"This is the only workshop for controllers moving to the CFO position. I definitely gained what I expected!"

Tina Diffendal Controller

"I think that all four of the sessions have addressed my concerns and given me different ways to look at pricing, productivity, and reporting tools. I know focus more on the key things that will make us more profitable."

Charles Washington Assistant Controller of Masterworks International

"I joined the workshops to grow into a CFO role. After gaining understanding of strategic pricing and productivity topics, knowing how to set KPIs, and managing a team with deadlines, I have been given more recognition and encouragement."

Mary Alice Alvarado Controller of Wind Composite Services Group

"This was the best CPE I've ever taken. Jim simplifies complex ideas into manageable concepts that you can take back and implement to make a difference."

Kevin Gerland VP Finance and Chief Accounting Officer of RigNet

"The Strategic CFO coaching workshop has given me a great deal of insight into my role in my company. I now have responsibilities I wasn't even aware of and the tools to get them done."

Chris Hugonnott Controller of American Omni Trading Company

"The Strategic CFO has the best condensed intensive training on CFO materials in the market place. I have referred multiple CEO's to your service for retained search and the coaching workshop."

Laura Chalfant

"Our President/CFO will be retiring soon. As I'm preparing to step into that CFO role, the Strategic CFO has made me more knowledgable about what I should be doing now and made me more comfortable about becoming the CFO."

Cori Sabin

"The coaching workshop helped my ability to help drive future results by providing tools and insight to help utilize company information, such as past performance, KPIs, and current business climate, to more accurately forecast and budget."

Dale Roberts

"[Dan's] advice and guidance was exactly what I needed at the time, and the result has been quite positive. I find Dan honest, patient, and thorough and would recommend any business owner seeking the same services to consider his firm."

Mark Kardoush President

"As CEO of Pipe Exchange, I retained Dan Corredor to assist my company through various issues. We were owned by a private equity group that was looking to exit and we needed some strategic guidance. We needed to come up with an exit strategy and budget while also considering valuation of our business. With Dan’s extensive background in M&A and dealing with private equity groups, Dan was able to help us through this new chapter in our company. Dan’s ability to quickly understand our business and work with our management team made the transaction much easier. Please consider this a letter of recommendation for Dan and I would certainly hire him again if there were a need."

Dolty Cheramie III Director

"As CEO of Batterson LLP, I retained Dan Corredor to assist my company through accounting improvements and various operational issues. My company is a family owned company that has been around since 1929. Dan was able to work with me and my management team to professionalize our accounting department and instill best practices into our organization."

Mike Batterson CEO

"I was recently promoted to CFO without any training or anyone to lean on, but I wanted to be the best CFO for my company. The Financial Leadership Workshop helped me get a good foundation of what my role is and how to successfully lead my company."

Melissa Feldbush CFO and Treasurer

"The Financial Leadership Workshop equipped me with additional tools to add to my toolbox. It also helped me become a trusted advisor to the business owners as I guide them in growth, processes, and strategic planning."

Steven Miller CFO

"Before I came to the Financial Leadership Workshop, I lacked a complete understanding on the business and finance with middle management. Now, I am much more prepared to touch the metrics and set goals for the organization. I understand the CFO role and have received everything I expected to gain and more."

Josh Walton Operations Manager

Alumni, Maxx Burrows, describes his experience with Strategic CFO™ Coaching:

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