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A good CFO should be able to step up into the role of the CEO.

As a result, some of our professionals have held numerous CEO and President roles.

Our CEO consultants provide leadership to management and report to the ownership and Board of Directors of the organization.  We live by a few basic rules…

“The tone starts at the top.”

… and

“We set goals and objectives to hold people accountable.”

CEO Consulting Services

In the CEO consulting environment, we have seen several needs of companies over and over again – cash flow issues, profitability issues, leadership issues, management breakdown, etc.

An interim CEO assignment might be for…

  • Preparing a company for sale
  • Integrating a company after a merger/acquisition
  • Leading a company through a transition
  • Distressed situation
  • Improving relationships with a private equity group

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Interim CEO Services

Companies may need an Interim CEO for a variety of reasons, including any of the following:

  • The current CEO isn’t working out, left recently, or in unavailable for some reason
  • Company needs a stronger leader for a transitional period (bankruptcy, restructuring, merger, etc.)
  • CEO is on maternity/paternity leave or extended medical leave
  • Company is searching for new CEO and needs an Interim CEO through the lengthy search

A good Interim CEO will have several years of experience as a CEO and a strong financial background. This is where we differentiate ourselves.

Our Interim CEOs have…

  1. 15+ Years of CEO and CFO Experience
  2. Financial / Accounting Background
  3. Extensive Operational Experience
  4. Turn-around Experience
  5. Private Equity Experience
  6. Served on the Board of Directors

Your Interim CEO – Dan Corredor – has done all of that and so much more… Learn about him below.

CEO Coaching

Executive leaders occasionally need an outsider to help them through tough seasons, see opportunities, and identify issues in their company that they are too close to see. That’s why we also provide CEO Coaching as a service. Options can vary between a couple hours to a 4-day workshop (our Financial Leadership Workshop).



Your Interim CEO, Dan Corredor

Since 2000, your Interim CEO Dan Corredor has been exposed to various leadership roles in a variety of industries. Most of these leadership roles have been in distressed situations or financial turn around situations. Corredor has built teams and made a bad situation good taking on the various challenges in the business. Read more of Dan’s bio here.

Experience as CEO

  • Petro-chemical company with 100+ Full Time Employees
  • Regulated Water Utility with 2,000 Full Time Employees
  • Mexico Based Regulated Utility with 1,500+ Full Time Employees
  • Private Equity Owned Ship Breaking with 300+ Full Time Employees

Industry Experience

    • Manufacturing
    • Oil and Gas Services
    • Oil and Gas exploration
    • Regulated utilities
    • Service Business
    • Petrochemical / tolling and manufacturing
    • International and domestic experience


“[Dan’s] advice and guidance was exactly what I needed at the time, and the result has been quite positive. I find Dan honest, patient, and thorough and would recommend any business owner seeking the same services to consider his firm.”

Mark KardoushPresidentDecember 18, 2017

“As CEO of Batterson LLP, I retained Dan Corredor to assist my company through accounting improvements and various operational issues. My company is a family owned company that has been around since 1929. Dan was able to work with me and my management team to professionalize our accounting department and instill best practices into our organization.”

Mike BattersonCEODecember 18, 2017

“As CEO of Pipe Exchange, I retained Dan Corredor to assist my company through various issues. We were owned by a private equity group that was looking to exit and we needed some strategic guidance. We needed to come up with an exit strategy and budget while also considering valuation of our business. With Dan’s extensive background in M&A and dealing with private equity groups, Dan was able to help us through this new chapter in our company. Dan’s ability to quickly understand our business and work with our management team made the transaction much easier. Please consider this a letter of recommendation for Dan and I would certainly hire him again if there were a need.”

Dolty Cheramie IIIDirectorDecember 18, 2017

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