At The Strategic CFO™, our driving mission is to develop financial leaders. Our core services allow us to carry out this mission. 


Improving Profits and Cash Flow
In our Consulting practice, we utilize what we call The Strategic CFO™ Solution. This is an 8-step process that looks at all aspects of your business, recommends and implements solutions, and then quantifies results in clear and measurable terms.

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CFO Coaching Workshops

Learning the Art of the CFOTM
A recent New York Times article calculated the cost of hiring and training a new employee at up to 1.5 times the departing worker’s salary. Retaining your CFO or Controller earning $100,000 for even one additional year can save your company up to $37,500 in that year alone.

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Retained Search

Building Your Team
Our Retained Search solution provides our clients with a distinct advantage over traditional recruiting firms. Being consultants rather than recruiters, we’ve actually worked in the positions we interview for and are uniquely aware of the skills required to fill these positions.

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CEO Financial Workshop

Profitably Grow Your Business

Take a 1-day workshop with us to freshen up your financial skills. Learn what to look for in the numbers and how to set-up the teams within your organization to report the information you need to know.

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