Build Your Model in 10% of the Time AND Dedicate the Other 90% to Perform Deep and Professional Analysis of Any Investment Project Through a DCF Model

Right now, financial models for companies are being transformed to be more effective. We invite you to check out Planeamatic free and find out why.  

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What is Planeamatic? 

Planeamatic is a Financial Model Generator working inside MS-Excel. It produces Financial Statements, customized Charts, KPIs tables, consolidated reports and comparative scenarios. It also performs advanced Goal Seek with selected variables. 

Planeamatic is not a predefined Financial Model Template; it is a Financial Model Generator

This difference is important. 

With Planeamatic..

  • Build comparative scenarios, Charts and Dashboards with simple clicks 
  • Get complete analytical proforma FS's
  • Set and change your project's sensitivity and timing in any moment
  • Set revolving credit lines which are calculated automatically, both, dispositions and repayments, with any configuration of revolvency, payment frequency, etc.
  • Get automatic income tax and dividends calculations, according with your dividend withdrawal criteria
  • Set any growth and change behavior of any revenue, cost or expense stream
  • Get home earlier

Planeamatic has analyzed hundreds of industries with the most diverse conditions of investment, financing, market penetration, CAPEX programs, OPEX structures, and scopes...  

Results are astonishing.  

This tool is so powerful that is has been banned from the Financial Modeling World Championship (Modeloff).  

Planeamatic is a new paradigm.  

You can build a professional financial model fully responsive, versatile, and detailed in minutes

Simple instructions take care of the most complicated calculations required in a financial model, including...

  • Depreciation of assets
  • Credit disposals and repayments
  • Income tax deduction
  • Capricious growth projections for revenues and expenses
  • Dividend withdrawal under different criteria and circumstances
  • And more...

It also generates comparative scenarios with one click, and for each one, it creates a dashboard with the main KPIs and charts.  

What's Inside Planeamatic: Everything You Need in a Financial Model With Only 19 Steps

Planeamatic is like a magic board... In minutes, you can create a budget (including your Balance Sheets, P&L Statements, and Cash Flows).

Whether you have a finance/accounting background or not, you will be able to create a successful budget with this tool and the rules we taught you in the webinar. 

Additionally, you will receive comprehensive training on how to use Planeamatic to its maximum potential. 

We'll send you this free 5-day trial when you sign up for a free Planeamatic license below. 

How Does Planeamatic Work?

Instead of spending countless number of hours creating a financial model that may or may not work, you can create an accurate one in seconds! Building financial models is as simple and easy as filling a simple table with only 5 columns!  

  • Begin by entering the parameters of your data in the PARAMETERIZATION table. This will include things like your scope, sensitivity, and initial date. Your parameters are set to define an amount, initial period, number of appearances, and frequency. 
  • Next, add all of your products or services with their respective amounts, initial periods, # of occurrences, and frequency. 
  • Now, you can easily calculate revenues by multiplying the unit price times the expected volume for each category. Calculate direct costs by applying the cost percentage to each revenue category. 
  • After you add your total revenues and direct costs, input all of your expenses, such as SGA and fixed costs. 
  • Under the expenses rows, we can now add financing data, such as equity and loans. 
  • After you input all of this information, Planeamatic is able to compute a full financial model including: P&L Statement, Balance Sheet, Cashflows, and a KPI table.  

All of this in seconds! And all you needed to do was fill out a small table.

Join Planeamatic for Free and Get a Fully Functional License With All Our Powerful Features Including:

  • No more intrincated formulas, weird links or 'circular references'. Just fill the table in minutes.
  • Comprehensive training on how to use Planeamatic to its maximum potential
  • Avoid the necessity to achieve a 'master degree' in model construction to be able to develop and use a functional, useful and flexible one for each project. And all this in minutes, not weeks.

Planeamatic Free 5-Day Trial produces your financial statements, customized charts, KPI tables, consolidated reports, and comparative scenarios for your next capital project.

Sign up for a free Planeamatic 5-day trial license below. When you do, you will automatically get access to all Planeamatic's top features. 

As a new Planeamatic user, you will be able to create a financial model in minutes, start using it for strategic direction, and develop the financial side of your business even more.