Outsourced Accounting Services

The Strategic CFO has provided financial advisory and consulting services for the CFO office for over 20 years. As part of that, we have coached accountants to become financial leaders, shaped the financial statements to result in profit, and provided strategic direction for companies all over the world. If a company wanted outsourced accounting services, we didn't have anyone to refer them to... Until now. 

In late 2018, The Strategic CFO partnered with GrowthForce to fill the gap and provide outsourced accounting services to our clients. They can provide any accounting needs including:

  • Building financial statements
  • Closing the books
  • Providing simple reports for cash flow and profitability
  • Having someone overseeing the numbers

Learn How GrowthForce Works for Companies Like You

How Does GrowthForce Provide Outsourced Accounting Services?

GrowthForce combines the accounting system QuickBooks with a share of a full-service accounting department. Your company will have it's own US based dedicated team of bookkeepers and accountants supporting your company. Their customized management reporting and KPIs help companies all around the US take advantage of their numbers and drive financial performance and profitability.

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Optimizing Accounting Systems

GrowthForce starts their process by integrating your financial systems and processes to create a solid platform for both growth and scalability. They like to call it the "Smart Back Office". What does the Smart Back Office do? It leverages the following to deliver actionable financial intelligence: 

  • Payroll
  • Bill Payment
  • Expense Management
  • Time-Tracking Data

Improving Cash Flow

For many companies (especially small businesses), cash flow is an issue. That's why GrowthForce follows cash management policies and uses cash flow forecasting tools with their clients to get in front of and prevent any cash flow problems between they happen. GrowthForce provides best practices in their advances bookkeeping solution, including:

  • Billing
  • Collections
  • Bill Payment
  • Expense Management

Reducing Risk of Fraud and Non-Compliance

Fraud and non-compliance can be debilitating to businesses. As a result, GrowthForce's highly trained 3-person team provides separation of duties and assurance that both policies and procedures meant to reduce risk of fraud are enforced.

Increasing Profitability Through Financial Intelligence

One of the top things CEOs complain about is that they do not have enough business intelligence to make good, strategic decisions. GrowthForce provides each client with their reliable, timely month end reports; those include financial reports, scorecards, and KPIs. CEOs and decision makers will be able to drive growth and increase profits with these accurate and useful reports.

outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services

Outsourced Accounting Services Provided by GrowthForce™

The Strategic CFO has a unique relationship with GrowthForce. Many financially distressed companies or companies flirting with distress need The Strategic CFO's consulting to guide them and direct them away from danger and into safety. However, these companies often do not not have a sophisticated accounting department. Sometimes, we find companies who never had any financial statements! GrowthForce provides outsourced accounting services for our clients that are not ready to have their own accounting department.

What do you get from the outsources accounting services provided by GrowthForce? You receive timely and accurate financials, a trustworthy team of professionals, and a full spectrum of financial management.

If you are interested in their outsourced accounting services, then click below to download their Guide to Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping & Accounting.

outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services