Daily Cash Report » Weekly Cash Position

The Purpose of the Weekly Cash Position Section

The Purpose of the weekly cash position section is to project the cash position by Friday of the week. Have you ever had to pay bills or payroll only to find out the day before that you did not have the cash?

[box]The benefit of this section is that it reduces crisis management![/box]

Furthermore, the weekly cash position gives the CFO/controller an estimate of how much incoming cash and cash disbursements the company expects to have for the entire week. Remember, this only an estimate. This estimate should be updated periodically so that the company improves on the estimate.   Some companies prefer to have a separate line item for certain significant cash disbursements. This is acceptable so long as the overall report is kept as simple as possible.

How To Complete the Weekly Cash Position Section

A template follows as below:

Estimated Deposits for the week ending <Insert Date>

Lockbox/Mail                                    $

Credit Cards                                       $

Total Estimated Deposits         $                      >>> sum up Lockbox/Mail and Credit Cards


Estimated Disbursements for the week ending <Insert Date>

Hourly Payroll                                   $

Salary Payroll                                    $

A/P Checks- Committed                 $

A/P Checks- Expenses                     $

Total Estimated Disbursements                    $                 >>> sum up cash disbursements