Action Plan » Update Progress & Priorities

The Purpose Of Updating Progress & Priorities

As progress is made on your task list it will be important to keep a status update on everything. Also, note which staff member, if any, is working on it.

You will shortly find that even as you strive to complete the tasks at hand, the ownership and/or management will come up with even more things to do in short order.

The Action Plan will help communicate what is left to do and which projects are priority ones. 

Review with management your progress in order to come to an agreement as to what’s important.

How Often You Should Update Progress & Priorities

Draw up the initial list of tasks and projects after having met with the ownership, management, and your staff. However as time goes on, you will find that you will be assigned more projects by the ownership and/or management.

Keep your action plan updated.

Update your action plan to help you communicate to the company’s leadership as to what you are involved in and what the priorities are.

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