From Operations to P&L Leader Workshop

Your one-stop training and coaching program.

After working with many large companies and seeing the same thing, we wanted to create a solution. These organizations promoted many sales or operations personnel to division managers. Then they were now responsible for managing the financial statements. Some of them have never seen a financial statement. In addition, most had never managed a department financially.

You may also be a business owner and have grown your business; you need better data to make decisions. Or you may have taken a role that required honing in your accounting and financial skills…

If you or your employees are in this position, then you are not alone. It is because of these reasons that we developed the From Operations to P&L Leader Workshop.

The From Operations to P&L Leader Workshop is your one-stop training and coaching program.

What is the From Operations to P&L Leader Workshop?

As a P&L leader, you are expected to know everything about your P&L. Yet, it is not fair to expect you to know it all. We created this workshop based on our own experience. Over the past 25+ years, our team has worked as executives and P&L leaders. We have also worked with clients that experience similar challenges. Large, small, publicly trades, or private companies… We have done it! The From Operations to P&L Leader Workshop is designed for employees without any accounting/financial background that are now managing the financial statements and profitability.

The workshop is held across 3 sections. The first section covers understanding accounting basics. Then we go in depth about what P&L leaders need to know about accounting and financial statement basics. In the third section, we cover CAPEX, ROI, ROC, IRR, valuation, and revenue recognition. Finally, we show you how to budget successfully using our budgeting process.

Workshop Learning Objectives

Who Attends The From Operations to P&L Leader Workshop

Employees that manage the financial success of a division or department, but may struggle with understanding how the financials really tie to the operations of the company (including basic accounting). This may be an entrepreneur of a small organization or a P&L leader of a multibillion dollar company.

When the Workshops Occur​

These workshops are given either in a classroom setting, one-on-one, or a self-study. Each workshop is a full day. The 3 days can be scheduled consecutively, spread out over a few weeks, or even a few months.

For our classroom setting hosted in Houston, TX, there are several opportunities to enroll in an upcoming 3-day in 3 month class. If you would like to host a classroom at your company, we can also schedule that.

Classroom Setting

Enroll in an upcoming 3-day in 3 month class by selecting a series below. Each series has 8-10 individuals learning how to be a P&L Leader:

Please contact us for the next dates.

One-On-One Coaching

If you are looking for a more customized version of our program or need to attend at a different times/frequencies that our classroom offers, then reach out to us to learn more about our one-on-one setting

Self Taught

Looking to learn how to get From Operations to P&L Leader, but can’t come to Houston? Click here to inquire about our self-taught program. You receive our material without the in-person coaching the other two options provide. This option is only available in certain locations.

Meet Your From Operations to P&L Leader Workshop Instructor

When you attend this workshop, our President, Dan Corredor, will greet you. Dan has 28+ years of experience consulting and managing companies in different industries, in different countries, and with different sizes. With extensive operational and financial knowledge, Dan understands what a sales or operations employee understands. He translates the CFO-speak to sales/operations language. Read more about Dan Corredor here.

If you are interested in learning more about the From Operations to P&L Leader Workshop or finding out when the next session is, then click the following button.

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