Financial Leadership Development Program

The Strategic CFO developed our Financial Leadership Development Program – the Financial Leadership Workshop – when we saw many new CFOs as well as seasoned CFOs struggling in the leadership part of their role. Thinking, working, and communicating like a leader isn't always natural. That's why we spend half a day with CFOs, Controllers, etc. to make that paradigm shift from being an accounting/financial professional to becoming the financial leader.

If you...

Are responsible for the profits and cash flow in your company but aren't seen as a leader by peers...

Feel lost in guiding your CEO....

Don't know where else to look to increase the value of the company...

Then our Financial Leadership Develop Program is for you!

Financial Leadership Development Program

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The Strategic CFO Financial Leadership Development Program

Financial Leadership Coaching

Anyone responsible for profits and cash flow can be a financial leader – the CEO, COO, CFO, Controller, Accounting Manager, Budget Manager, entrepreneur, etc. Our financial leadership coaching takes participants from just knowing the numbers to using the numbers to make a big difference (millions of dollars). How does this happen?

First, our financial leadership coaching works on developing the soft skills – making the paradigm shift from number cruncher to financial leader. Then we equip participants with all the tools they need to add real value to their companies within 90 days.

This 4-day series covers: leadership, profits, cash flow, financing, operations, budgeting, and more.

Financial Leadership Training

Have a Chief Accounting Officer, Controller, or VP of Finance that you are looking to promote to CFO The Financial Leadership Development Program coaches participants on The Art of the CFO™? From equipping participants with tools to coaching participants on specific situations, your coach Dan Corredor knows how to get people ready for the CFO role.

In his 28+ year career, he has spent much of it in an executive role – CFO, CEO, and President. His philosophy has always been to hire someone that can take over your role. As a result, he has trained dozens of CFOs and financial leaders throughout his career.

Financial Leadership Mentoring

When you become a student in the Financial Leadership Development Program, you gain a mentor (Dan Corredor), colleagues that are going through similar situations, and a community to come to for support and help. Financial Leadership Mentoring is one of the most demanded parts of our program because many CFOs do not have the time or willingness to mentor other CFOs.

Throughout this program, Corredor's goal is to address each student's specific situations – whether it's a technical issue or strategic development. Participants will work on specific situations both inside and outside the workshop days.


Financial Leadership Development

One of the challenges most financial leaders face is that they aren't seen as a leader. Our financial leadership development program helps financial leaders see their role from a different perspective and turn themselves into a valuable financial leader (that executives respect).


CFO Training Program

Your Financial Leader, Dan Corredor

Dan Corredor is The Strategic CFO's executive coach and President. His 28-years of experience in various executive positions within organizations has given him the foundation to coach participants through their specific situations as well as general issues. More specifically, his core competencies include:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Due diligence
  • Post closure business integration
  • Operational and financial restructuring
  • Accounting efficiencies
  • Working capital and cash flow management
  • Leadership
  • Budgeting
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Options for Financial Leadership Development Program

Classroom Setting

Our most popular CFO Training Program option is our classroom setting. 8-10 individuals come together for 4-days and work directly with Dan Corredor. Each day is from 8:30am to 5:30pm at our offices in Houston, TX.

Price: $4,000 per participant

Location: Our Office (2101 Citywest Blvd., Houston, TX 77042)

CPE Credits: 9 per day; 36 total CPE credits

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One-On-One Training

If you are looking for a more personalized and customized approach, then our one-on-one training is for you. This is by far our most flexible and personal option. Participants can schedule the workshop times, customize the curriculum to fit their needs, and set the location. This is a great option for a CFO / Controller / Entrepreneur who is not able to attend our classroom setting, needs solutions to big problems, and/or wants various people in the organization trained.

Price: $8,000 per participant + reasonable travel

Location: Our Office, Your Office, Virtual, or Wherever

CPE Credits: 9 per day; 36 total CPE credits

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Self Study

Need a refresher? Need more flexibility to for your CFO training? Out of the country? We developed our Self Study so that anyone in the world can access our CFO training programs. For $999, you get videos of the LIVE workshops ($4,000 value), all workshop materials, and community (with access to mentorship from other members).

Price: $999

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