90-Day Sprint – Conclusion

So you’ve learned how to optimize and use the tools in the lab to improve profits and cash flow within your company. We have used this process for over 16 years to quickly identify and unlock value in our clients. You, too, can also achieve dramatic results by implementing these tools.

Do you have to execute each step? No.

If you already have a similar tool in place, then use it. But you might want to improve it and adopt some of our strategies.

Do you have to follow the order of our process? No.

If cash flow is an issue, then jump directly to a 13-week cash flow projection. If it is going to take you three minutes to clean up or improve your accounting system, then implement a Flash Report immediately. It won’t take more than a day or two.

Purpose of the 90-Day Sprint

The purpose of this process is to give you a time-tested methodology to adapt your unique situation. Below are the 8 steps we covered in the 90-Day Sprint:

1: Accumulate Company Information

2: Organize Accounting System

3: Prepare Cash Flow Projection

4: Prepare Financial Analysis

5: Identify Opportunities for Improvement 

6: Develop “The Art of a CFO” – Solution & Goals

7: Implement & Train Employees

8: Monitor & Maintain

Now, you’ll have the ability to quickly go in and unlock value within a 90-day period. Start increasing the value of the organization today. Remember that with increased value, comes increase profits and cash flow. Good luck to you and your company!

Please contact us if you have any questions or post your questions/comments in the The Strategic CFO Lab Community.

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