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Creatives in the Workplace: Are you the Machine or the Inventor?

Here in Texas, graduation is approaching. It makes you wonder… How do those potential candidates stand out in a crowd if thousands of them are competing for the same job position? Believe it or not, you were in that same situation once. If you identify with the older generation, how did you land the job you

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How the Presidential Election Affects Your Business 

“Donald Trump is a philosophically unmoored political opportunist who would trash the broad conservative ideological consensus within the GOP…” “Hillary Clinton should be in jail because she is crooked, and our nation will suffer from her corruption…” It’s election season and the Presidential race is a hot topic. Some might say that this election is

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Workplace Diversity

See Also: Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace Co-employment in a PEO Arrangement What is Workplace Diversity? Diversity in the Workplace is a reality in most businesses and organizations. If organizations strive to improve their competitive advantage in the market, then they must learn how to successfully manage a diverse workforce. Diversity Management In a workplace,

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Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

See Also: How to Run an Effective Meeting How To Train People For Success Future of the Accounting Workforce How to Hire New Employees How to form an Advisory Board Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace We’ve all come across numerous articles spouting the need for us to get in touch with our feelings and be

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A Fun Place to Work

Can you have fun at work and be productive at the same time? sure does think so. Last week I visited the open house for their new location and I can truly say they have set up a workplace of fun. From the paint colors to the floor coverings, the idea of fun was

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The Future of the Accounting Workforce

The Future of the Accounting Workforce “Firms who are hiring new accountants or accounting majors have to understand where the newer generations are “coming from,” as a Boomer (born 1946-1964) might say, to target a style that will bring out the next generation’s (the Millennial Generation’s) strengths and maximize their effectiveness. This involves discarding biases

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