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Warning Signs of a Company in Trouble

When considering an acquisition of, investment in, or employment with a company it is best for your peace of mind, as well as, financially to be aware of indications that the company’s true picture may not be what management would lead you to believe. Warning Signs of a Company in Trouble The surest sign that

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Breaking Debt Covenants

What should you do if you are currently violating or are at risk of violating your debt covenants (breaking debt covenants)? The following video addresses this issue. The key is to be proactive and not wait for it to fix itself. Breaking Debt Covenants For more tips on how to improve cash flow, click here

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It’s Not Hot and I’m Not Here!

I was having lunch last week with a workout officer at a large bank. He was commenting on how customers referred to his department were often in a state of denial. Not unlike the man who finds himself in Hell but won’t accept it! It seems that a lot of businesses are in denial. Their

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Regional Turnaround Management Conference

Last week I attended the Regional Turnaround Management Conference in San Antonio. Several interesting trends and comments were made. The most enlightening were from an economist, Don Reynolds, out of Fort Worth. If you ever get a chance to hear him, do so! He is very entertaining and filled with common sense. Some of his

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Is the Tide Beginning to Fall?

Today I attended a luncheon for the Turnaround Management Association of which I have been a member for approximately 10 years. During this time I have seen good economies and bad. For the past 3 years the economy has been so good that the TMA meetings looked like a Maytag repairmen convention. Today was different! The

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