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Treasury Stock

Treasury Stock Definition The treasury stock definition is the shares a company buys of its own stock on the open market. Shares of treasury stock were issued by the company, and then repurchased. So consider it issued, but not outstanding. After a company repurchases shares of its own stock, there are fewer shares of its

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Treasury Securities

See Also: Fixed Income Securities Zero Coupon Bonds What is Inflation? Coupon Rate Bond Non-Investment Grade Bonds (Unsecured Debentures) Treasury Securities consist of debt instruments issued by the U.S. government by the Bureau of Public Debt. Therefore, the market for these instruments is very liquid. Oftentimes, consider them to be basically risk free. This is

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Treasury Notes

See Also: Treasury Securities TIPS – Treasury Inflation Protected Securities Treasury Notes Definition The treasury notes definition, also known as t notes, is a U.S. government debt security that is generally intermediate in terms of its maturity. T notes generally have a maturity of one to ten years, and pay coupons as well as principal

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Treasury Inflation Protected Securities

Treasury Inflation Protected Securities or TIPS for short are debt instruments that are issued by the U.S. government. TIPS are indexed with the Consumer Price Index (CPI), and adjust accordingly to the inflation rate presented in the CPI. Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) Explained Treasury TIPS means that the security will adjust for inflation or deflation

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Treasury Bonds

Treasury Bonds Definition A treasury bond, or t bond for short, is a U.S. government debt security that is generally long term with regard to its maturity. t bonds generally have a maturity of ten years or more, and pay coupons as well as principal when they mature. Treasury Bonds (T bonds) Explained A Treasury

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Treasury Bills

What is Treasury Bills? Treasury bills are a short term government treasury security which has a maturity of less than a year. T-bills do not generally pay coupons or interest much like zero coupon bonds. Treasury Bills (t bills) Explained Because treasury bills do not pay coupons they are sold at a discount in an

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Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

See Also: Cash Flow After Tax Deferred Income Tax Ad Valorem Tax Tax Brackets Tax Efficiency Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Definition The Internal Revenue Service or IRS for short is a government agency underneath the Department of Treasury. Furthermore, it is primarily responsible for administration and collections of federal income taxes. Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

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FASB Change to FAS 157 at odds with Geithner’s Plan

This week the FASB is considering relaxing the mark-to-market accounting rule, which would seem to undercut the US Treasury Department’s plan to help banks fix their balance sheets by ridding themselves of the so-called “toxic assets.” FASB Change to FAS 157 As a taxpayer, I’d have to say that I prefer the FASB’s approach to

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