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Become a Trusted Advisor to your CEO

Summer is quickly transitioning to fall as the weather gets cooler and millions of Americans get ready for football season. Fantasy teams are drafted. Lucky jerseys are dusted off. Schedules are cleared for Monday night football. The action is enticing and our minds focus on all the excitement outside of work. But many neglect to

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Millennials: The Hippies of the 21st Century

Two weeks ago, I posed the question, “Are the millennials the hippies of the 21st century?” in front of 200 CFOs and Controllers. Almost immediately, dozens of hands were popping up in the air to tell about their worst millennial experience. Learn how to recruit star-quality team members that will improve value in your company

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Listen to Your Team – The Toothpaste Box Parable

As CFOs, we often get very comfortable in our offices with our spreadsheets and data and forget what a valuable resource we have in our operations people.  When dealing with issues, how many of us think first to get out of our chairs and into the warehouse to talk to the “boots on the ground”? 

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