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Value Chain

See Also: Valuation Methods Value Drivers: Building Reliable Systems to Sustain Growth Porters Five Forces of Competition Responsibility Center Cost Driver Value Chain Definition Value chain refers to the functional activities of a business that add value to its customers. The concept was created around 1985 by Michael Porter, Harvard Business School professor. According to

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Supply Chain and Logistics

Supply Chain and Logistics Definition A supply chain is a network of businesses and activities that takes a product from raw material suppliers to end consumers. By definition, logistics refers to the processes of acquiring, transporting, and storing resources along the supply chain and logistics. A supply chain, which relies heavily on information technology, logistics

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Logistics Chain

See Also: Supply Chain and Logistics Value Chain Porter’s Five Forces of Competition Indemnity Clause Commercial Agents Logistics Chain Definition The logistics chain, defined as the path of goods and information from a creator to an end user, enables any business to turn product into sales. Involving either tangible or intangible goods or services, it

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