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Accelerated Method of Depreciation

See Also: Depreciation Straight Line Depreciation Amortization Fixed Assets – NonCurrent Assets Balance Sheet Projections Accelerated Method of Depreciation Definition An accelerated method of depreciation definition is any depreciation method that expenses the cost of a tangible asset over its useful life at a rate faster than the straight-line method of depreciation. Furthermore, these methods

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Double-Declining Method Depreciation

See Also: Double-Declining Depreciation Formula Accelerated Method of Depreciation Double-Declining Method Depreciation Straight-Line Depreciation Depreciation GAAP Fixed Assets – NonCurrent Assets Double Declining Depreciation: Definition Double-declining depreciation, defined as an accelerated method of depreciation, is a GAAP approved method for discounting the value of equipment as it ages. It depreciates a tangible asset using twice

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Double-Declining Depreciation Formula

See Also: Double-Declining Method Depreciation Double-Declining Depreciation Formula To implement the double-declining depreciation formula for an Asset you need to know the asset’s purchase price and its useful life. First, Divide “100%” by the number of years in the asset’s useful life, this is your straight-line depreciation rate. Then, multiply that number by 2 and

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Asset Disposal

See Also: Current Assets Fixed Assets Balance Sheet Income Statement Depreciation Asset Disposal Definition Asset disposal is the act of selling an asset usually a long term asset that has been depreciated over its useful life like production equipment. Disposal of Assets Explanation According to its depreciation, many companies contain an asset disposal policy to

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Disclosure of Accounting Changes

See Also: Accounting Principles Probable Losses Subsequent Events Business Segments How to Make Dramatic Changes in Business Planning Your Exit Strategy Percentage Completion Method What Your Banker Wants You To Know Accounting Changes Explanation Accounting changes and error corrections are the switch from one principle of accounting to another – like with inventory and recognition

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