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Stock Options Basics

Stock Options Definition A stock option is a financial instrument that gives its holder the right but not the obligation to buy or sell a security for a set price on or before a set date. Stock options are traded on financial bonuses. A stock option contract typically consists of no less than 100 options.

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Remuneration Definition

See Also: Pension Plans Cafeteria Plan How to compensate sales staff Passive Income Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) What is Remuneration Definition? We can define remunerations as compensation for employment services. Remuneration can include hourly wages, fringe benefits, salary compensations, and other forms of compensation such as stock options and cash bonuses. Strategies differ across industries

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Insider Trading

See Also: Blue Sky Laws Subscription (Preemptive) Rights Accounting Fraud Prevention using QuickBooks Binomial Options Pricing Model Black Scholes Option Calculation Insider Trading Defined Insider trading is buying or selling stock based on nonpublic information that will affect the stock’s price. A company’s executives and directors have access to significant information regarding the company’s activities.

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Binomial Options Pricing Model

See Also: Intrinsic Value- Stock Options Common Stock Definition Preferred Stocks Dispersion Risk Premium Binomial Options Pricing Model The binomial options pricing model is a tool for valuing stock options. Starting with certain given values, and making certain assumptions, the model uses a binomial distribution to calculate the price of an option. The binomial method

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