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Sole Proprietorship

Sole Proprietorship Definition The sole proprietorship definition is a private business owned and operated by one individual. Furthermore, a proprietorship is unincorporated and is not a legal entity separate from its owner. As a result, the owner earns all of the profits and incurs all of the losses from business operations. Therefore, the sole proprietor

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Revocable Trust

See Also: Pension Plans Keogh Plan Credit Life Insurance 401k Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Revocable Trust Definition A revocable trust is an agreement between a grantor and trustee where it transfers profit generating assets to the trustee. However, the grantor is still able to generate income from the assets. The grantor is also able to

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Bankruptcy Chapter 13

See Also: Bankruptcy Costs Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Bankruptcy Code Chapter 12 Bankruptcy Bankruptcy Courts Bankruptcy Information Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Bankruptcy Chapter 13 Explanation Bankruptcy Chapter 13 is a type of bankruptcy proceeding outlined in the Bankruptcy Code. Furthermore, Chapter 13 is a financial reorganization procedure that applies to individual consumers and sole proprietorships. When a

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