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Success Is Your Business

See Also: Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace Are You Collecting the Data You Need to Run Your Business? Five Reasons To Pay Attention To CRM Software Warning Signs of a Company in Trouble Working Capital Analysis Success Is Your Business Explanation I am going away from talking about traditional cash flow analysis this week. I

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S Corporation vs C Corporation

See Also: S Corporation C Corporation Limited Liability Company (LLC) S Corporation vs C Corporation Although these two entities are very similar, there has always been a debate between an S corporation vs C corporation. The S corporation vs C corporation debate has been ongoing for a while. The following are some major differences that

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S Corporation

An S corporation (S-Corp), also called a subchapter S corporation, is a type of business organization that is structured like a corporation but taxed like a partnership. Find the applicable law in Chapter 1, Subchapter S, of the Internal Revenue Code. S-corps do not have to pay corporate income taxes. Instead, include the company’s profits

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Retained Earnings

See Also: Accounting Income vs Economic Income Realized and Unrealized Gains and Losses Operating Income Overhead Definition Retained Earnings Definition Retained earnings (RE) refers to the portion of a company’s net income that is reinvested in the company. It is also the amount of profit left over after the company pays dividends to its stockholders.

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NPV vs Payback Method

See Also: Payback Period Method Bailout Payback Method Rule of 72 NPV vs Payback Method NPV (Net Present Value) is calculated in terms of currency while Payback method refers to the period of time required for the return on an investment to repay the total initial investment. Payback, NPV and many other measurements form a

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Keep Your Corporate Veil Closed

See Also: Ten In-House Secrets for Reducing Your Company’s Legal Costs Secrets of Successful Out of Court Debt Restructures Tips on How to Manage your Lawyer Relationship With Your Lender Debtor in Possession Corporate Veil The State of Texas has long prided itself in being a very corporate friendly state. Laws were created that made

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Choose a CPA or Auditor

Choose a CPA or Auditor Do you choose a CPA or auditor? Any company whose stock is sold to the public is subject to the reporting requirements of the Securities & Exchange Commission, which include having its financial statements audited by an independent certified public accountant. Whereas companies, whose stock is not sold to the

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Dividend Yield Analysis

See Also: Dividends Dividend Payout Ratio Financial Ratios Dividend Yield Analysis Definition Dividend yield analysis indicates how much dividend a company paid to its investors relative to its stock price. Formula Dividend Yield ratio = Annual dividends per share ÷ Price per share Calculation For example a company pays annual dividend of $1 per share

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Dividend Payout Ratio

See Also: Dividends Dividend Yield Financial Ratios Dividend Payout Ratio Definition What is dividend payout ratio? The dividend payout ratio measures the percentage of a company’s earnings paid to shareholders as dividends. When a company earns profit, it has the option of reinvesting that profit into the business to grow and expand the company or

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Capital Impairment Rule

See Also: Dividends Dividend Payout Ratio Dividend Yield Capital Structure Management Balance Sheet Capital Impairment Rule The capital impairment rule is a state-level legal restriction on corporate dividend policy. The rule applies in most U.S. states. It basically limits the amount of dividends a company can pay out to shareholders. The limit is described as

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C Corporation

See Also: S Corporation Limited Liability Limited Partnership (LLLP) Cooperative (co-op) Limited Liability Company (LLC) Sole Proprietorship S Corporation vs C Corporation Conglomerate Definition C Corporation Definition The C Corporation definition (C-corp) is a form of business which is owned by several C-corp shareholders or holders of stock within the company. Many larger businesses adopt

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Business Plan

See Also: Value Drivers: Building Reliable Systems to Sustain the Growth of the Business Business Cycle Business Intelligence and Finance Make-or-Buy Business Decision Acquisition Capital Marketing Plan Business Plan Definition The business plan definition is the plan of action for business operations which has the goal of creating and growing sustainable profits. It is necessary

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