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Margin Compression

Ever heard the term “margin compression”?  Put simply, margin compression occurs when the costs to make a product or deliver a service rise faster than the sales price of the product or service.  Hence, putting pressure on profit margins. Causes of Margin Compression There may be many causes of margin compression… Increased competition Internal production

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Problems in Chart of Accounts Design

See also: Standard Chart of Accounts Chart of Accounts (COA) Complex COA Number for SGA Expenses Example Chart of Accounts for Selling General and Administrative Time Saving Tip for Filing Vendor Invoices Problems in Chart of Accounts Design Too Many General Ledger Accounts Often when using QuickBooks or Peachtree accounting software the number of general

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Complex COA for SG&A Expenses

See also: Problems in Chart of Account Design Standard Chart of Accounts Example Chart of Accounts for Selling, General, and Administrative Expenses Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Financial Accounting Standards Board Complex COA / Chart of Accounts for SG&A Expenses In lieu of a simple chart of accounts for SG&A expenses (selling general and administration expenses),

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Calculate EBITDA

See Also: EBITDA Definition EBITDA Valuation Operating Income (EBIT) Operating Profit Margin Ratio Analysis Net Income Adjusted EBITDA Calculate EBITDA Calculate EBITDA (Earnings before Interest, Tax, Depreciation, and Amortization) in three easy steps. For an EBITDA meaning and use in valuation, click the above links for a better description. EBITDA Calculation Formula Step 1) The

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Administration Expenses

Administration Expenses Definition In accounting, administration expenses are listed on the income statement as operating expenses. Administrative expenses are often included in an expense category called selling, general and administrative expenses, or SG&A. Administrative expenses include items such as administrative personnel wages, rent expenses, and utilities. The most effective ways to manage administrative expenses down

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