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Incentive Comp Plans Driven by Business Model

Does your business model drive your incentive comp plans? Incentive Comp Plans Driven by Business Model The traditional thought process is to decide how your business will make money and then develop incentive comp plans to encourage employees to act in a way that supports the business model.  But that is not always the way things

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Managing the Sales Process – Upcoming Webinar

Join Craig Klein of SalesNexus and Jim Wilkinson of The Strategic CFO as they discuss what should be measured in every sales process, how to set goals for and measure it and how to manage sales people to achieve business growth. When: Wednesday, February 6, 2013 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM EST Register for webinar here.

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Why Do Most Financial Projections Fail?

Do you know the number one reason most financial projections fail? It is because sales are over estimated! Why Do Most Financial Projections Fail? This time of year we are busy working with clients preparing projections for the next year. What we find is it is very difficult for clients to do an accurate financial

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Best Practices for Compensating Sales and Marketing People

You can’t have a business without making at least one sale. Making sure your salesforce is appropriately incentivized to grow your business and land the right customers is crucial. So, what are the best practices for compensating sales and marketing people? Best Practices for Compensating Sales and Marketing People In this blog, we’ll highlight a

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Death By Networking

With so many people looking for work or trying to generate sales, networking has taken on a frenzy that I haven’t seen in over ten years! Everyone is trying to reconnect or meet new people. I try to meet with as many people as possible but I am caught in a predicament. Death By Networking

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Declining Sales: How low is low?

If you are like most companies I am talking to these days your sales are off from there high for last year. Nobody is immune and there is no place to hide! You have had declining sales for the past six to 12 months with no end in site. So what sales volume should you

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A Whole Lot of Kissing Going On!

If you were like me for the most part you took off the last two weeks of the year and coasted at work. Most people didn’t want to start new projects or make sales calls. It seems with 2 1/2 work weeks and the emotional stress of the last quarter everyone need a break. I

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Should You Cut Marketing Expense in a Recession?

Most CFO’s cut costs to obtain profitability for the company. In a recession, that is often the best course of action. The question is: what kind of knife do you use? A meat cleaver or a scalpel? Should You Cut Marketing Expense in a Recession? Marketing costs are a prime target for the CFO’s slashing

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