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Balance the Balance Sheet

A balance sheet is a statement of the companies health. How does the liabilities and equity compare to the assets? Balancing the balance sheet is a critical part of accounting as it gives the company, bankers, and investors an idea of how the company is doing. Does the balance sheet need to balance? Yes. It

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Shareholders Equity

See Also: Return on Equity Analysis Return on Common Equity (ROCE) Retained Earnings Balance the Balance Sheet Return on Equity Example Shareholders Equity Definition Shareholders equity is an essential part of the accounting equation: Shareholders Equity = Total Assets – Total Liabilities. It is the difference between the value of a company’s assets and liabilities.

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Retained Earnings

See Also: Accounting Income vs Economic Income Realized and Unrealized Gains and Losses Operating Income Overhead Definition Retained Earnings Definition Retained earnings (RE) refers to the portion of a company’s net income that is reinvested in the company. It is also the amount of profit left over after the company pays dividends to its stockholders.

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