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Recession = Fewer Professional Jobs Available

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past 15 months, then you have probably noticed that the decline in oil prices has resulted in many Houston businesses experiencing symptoms of an economic recession. What does a recession mean for you? Historically, recessions equate to reduced availability of professional jobs. While the effects of the free fall in oil

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Fiscal vs Monetary Policy

Fiscal vs Monetary Policy Explanation H1 What is Fiscal Policy? H2 Fiscal policy is essentially how the government decides to collect and spend money to impact the economy. This is studied in Macroeconomics to better understand the relationship between the economy and governmental influence. The study of fiscal policy is useful in speculating the reaction

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See Also: Economic Indicators Balance of Payments Supply and Demand Elasticity The Feds Beige Book What are the Twin Deficits? Stagflation Definition In economics, stagflation refers to the combination of stagnation and inflation. Stagnation refers to slowing economic growth or recession. It is a period of low gross domestic product and high unemployment. Inflation refers

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Recession Definition

See Also: Economic Indicators Stagflation What are the ‘Twin Deficits’? Supply and Demand Elasticity London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor) Controversy Recession Meaning A recession definition is a period of slowed economic activity. The term describes a contracting economy. It is typically defined as two consecutive quarters of declining gross domestic product. Characterize a recession by

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What is Deflation?

What is Deflation Definition? What is deflation? Deflation is the decline in the price for goods and services. It can also be referred to as the increase in the value of real money. In other words, it’s the value that the current currency will go up per unit of goods or services. Deflation Explained Deflation

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Economic Indicators

See Also: Consumer Price Index Stagflation Balance of Payments What are the Twin Deficits? The Feds Beige Book Economic Indicators Definition Economic indicators are macroeconomic data that describe the condition of an economy. So, use them to determine whether an economy is prosperous and expanding or troubled and contracting. For example, a high unemployment rate

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Adjusted Present Value Example

See Also: Adjusted Present Value (APV) Adjusted Present Value Example Explanation Joey owns a small chemical plant called Chemco. Chemco, despite the effects of the recent recession, is doing fine. They are doing so well, in fact, that they have excess cash. Chemco decides to look for a suitable investment for the free cash flow

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Freddie Mac Seeks More Aid

Freddie Mac Seeks More Aid Freddie Mac Seeks More Aid from What’s News US: Freddie Mac posted a second-quarter loss, and the mortgage financier said it would request another $1.8 billion in government aid. How does this impact your company? Find out if it does with our External Analysis whitepaper. Click below to access

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Wheat Goes Up, Prices to Follow

Wheat Goes Up, Prices to Follow from Economy: Wheat futures surged 6.7% to above $7.25 a bushel, their highest since September 2008, prompting a range of companies to at least consider passing the cost on to consumers.

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A Third Depression?

Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman’s recent column in The New York Times anticipating an extended economic downturn on par with the “Long Depression” of the 1870s and the “Great Depression” of the 1930s has stimulated a significant amount of discussion online. Are we going to have a third Depression? Among those weighing in is Professor

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Real Estate Outlook

The future of real estate over the next thirty-six to forty-eight months in the US will impact the financial markets, as well as the general economy. And, of course, the health of the markets and the economy will impact the real estate market during this time. Real Estate Outlook The ULI and PriceWaterhouseCoopers put out

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Warning Signs of a Company in Trouble

When considering an acquisition of, investment in, or employment with a company it is best for your peace of mind, as well as, financially to be aware of indications that the company’s true picture may not be what management would lead you to believe. Warning Signs of a Company in Trouble The surest sign that

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