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Weakening in Commercial Real Estate Debt

Came across an interesting article in the WSJ recently. It appears that the underwriting standards of lenders for commercial property became somewhat lax over the last few years, and there is a weakening in commercial real estate debt. This is very similar to as they did for residential lenders. Granted, the commercial debt outstanding ($3.4

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Residential Real Estate is Not Just a US Problem!

I recently returned from several weeks in Spain. When I left the U.S. I was focused on our economic problems. Though I had read about Europe’s issues, I didn’t think that they could be as bad as ours. I was wrong! When we arrived in Madrid the first thing I noticed on the ride from

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Economy may trail markets in recovery

While some believe that the financial markets may have seen the worst of the subprime credit meltdown, the worst may be yet to come in the ‘real’ economy. There’s an article worth reading in today’s WSJ that touches on how the economy may trail markets in recovery. Economy May Trail Markets in Recovery Basically, the impact

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