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Working Capital From Real Estate

See Also: Balance Sheet Current Assets Working Capital Working Capital Analysis Current Liabilities How to collect accounts receivable Factoring Working Capital From Real Estate Example: An Asset Based Lending Solution to Cash Shortfalls and Opportunities Let’s look at a working capital from real estate example. Moreover, look at an asset based lending solution to cash

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Limited Liability Limited Partnership (LLLP)

Limited Liability Limited Partnership (LLLP) Definition A Limited Liability Limited Partnership or LLLP is a form of business that contains a group of general and limited partners. Generally, the general partners have a managerial interest in running the business; whereas the limited partners have solely a financial interest, or what they invested in the company.

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Form 1098

Form 1098 Definition The IRS uses the form 1098 for the purpose of gathering information upon an individual’s amount of interest payments and mortgage payments throughout the year. 1098 reporting is beneficial because it allows an individual to claim a 1098 deduction on the tax return. Form 1098 Explanation The 1098 form often times is there

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Commercial Agent

See Also: Agency Costs SKU Lease Term Logistics Chain Gross Up Commercial Agent Definition Commercial agent is defined as a person who finds customers for a company who has hired the commercial agent. A commercial agent is both a job as well as a business. They find prospective customers for a variety of businesses, from

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Capital Gains

See Also: Tax Brackets Marginal Tax Rate Deferred Income Tax Flat Tax Rates Company Valuation The capital gains definition is the proceeds from the sale of an asset. These gains can be realized from the sale of stocks, bonds, real estate, equipment, intangible assets, or other property. When the asset or property is sold, the

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Arm’s Length Transaction

See Also: Accounting Principles Accounting Concepts Point of Sale (POS) Method Working Capital From Real Estate Which Bank to Choose? Arm’s Length Transaction Definition An arm’s length transaction or the arm’s length principle is a transaction that takes place between two completely unrelated parties. An arm’s length transaction also implies that the final transfer of

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See Also: Depreciation Asset Market Value vs Asset Book Value Fixed Asset Turnover Analysis Research and Development Straight-Line Depreciation Accretion Definition Accretion is the increase through time of a natural asset like land or a financial asset. The increases occur through growth and multiplication like through the following: Dividends and interest for financial assets, The

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The Power of Connections

We had a great time catching up with our friends at Stibbs & Co. at lunch last week. The power of connections is huge, and it is amazing how many ways you can help one another. Just by having a quick lunch, Courtney Sheaffer and I reconnected and shared connections that might help the other. In business,

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Capital Gains Tax Rates in 2013

Capital gains are earnings from the sale of an asset. These assets include stocks, bonds, real estate, equipment, intangible assets, or other property. There are new capital gains tax rates in 2013 for taxpayers. Following are the new rates: 0% capital gains tax rate for long-term capital gains and dividend earnings for the 10% and

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Real Estate Outlook

The future of real estate over the next thirty-six to forty-eight months in the US will impact the financial markets, as well as the general economy. And, of course, the health of the markets and the economy will impact the real estate market during this time. Real Estate Outlook The ULI and PriceWaterhouseCoopers put out

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Working Capital from Real Estate

“Many companies own the land and buildings necessary to conduct the day-to-day operations of their business. Oftentimes this valuable asset is included in traditional bank financing packages as the cornerstone of the credit facility. As long as the business progresses as the bank deems appropriate, and all loan and debt service coverage covenants remain in

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Operating Leases Going Away?

The FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) and the IASB (International Accounting Standards Board) are recommending that the use of operating leases be scrapped. In addition, they are recommending that you treat all leases as capital leases. For over 40 years, FAS 13 has been the standard. But this step will change all that. Operating Leases

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