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Overhead Expense Reduction

See Also: Predetermined Overhead Rate Activity Based Costing vs Traditional Costing Activity Based Cost Allocation Standard Cost Overhead Expense Reduction As a general precursor to Overhead expense reduction, Group Purchasing Organizations, Co-ops and Consortiums always lead to lower prices because they aggregate spends and create buying power. This may be true for smaller spends but

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Service Department

See Also: Administration Expenses Outsource Definition Advantages of PEO Services for the Business Owner Sunk Costs Joint Costs Service Department Definition Many companies require support activities as well as core activities to produce their goods and/or services. Support services, or a service department, do not contribute directly to the production of goods or the providing

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How to Manage Inventory

See Also: Days Inventory Outstanding Inventory Turnover Ratio Just In Time Inventory System Perpetual Inventory System Supply Chain and Logistics How to Manage Inventory Here are some ideas on how to manage inventory. 1. Consider the Costs of Storing Inventory There is cost in just storing inventory at your or an offsite location. Additionally, there

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Customer Analysis

See Also: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Segmenting Customers for Profit Disaster Planning for Information Technology Systems How to compensate sales staff How To Train People For Success Scrap Value Customer Analysis Definition The customer analysis definition is the process of analyzing customers and their habits. Customer analysis is one of the most important areas of study in

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