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Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)

See Also: Cost of Capital Cost of Capital Funding Arbitrage Pricing Theory APV Valuation Capital Budgeting Methods Discount Rates NPV Required Rate of Return Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) The most popular method to calculate cost of equity is Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM). Why? Because it displays the relationship between risk and expected return

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Risk Premium

See Also: Finance Beta Definition Hedging Risk Common Stock Preferred Stock Stock Options Risk Premium Definition Risk premium is any return above the risk-free rate. The risk-free rate refers to the rate of return on a theoretically riskless asset or investment, such as a government bond. All other financial investments entail some degree of risk,

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Paid in Capital (APIC)

See Also: Common Stock Definition Preferred Stocks (Preferred Share) Treasury Stock (Repurchased Shares) Owner’s Equity Balance Sheet Paid in Capital Definition The paid in capital definition is the total amount paid on equity or stock over the par value of the stock. In addition, it is a balance sheet account in the stockholder’s equity section. This

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Avoid Insurance Premiums

See Also: Selecting Your Insurance Broker Evaluating and Renewing Employee Health Insurance Plan Insulate Your Company from Rising Health Insurance Costs Risk Premium Service Department Costs Avoid Insurance Premiums Tips Many companies have been hit with unexpected additional premium at the expiration of their general liability insurance policy. Below are the steps to determine if and

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Excess Insurance Definition

See Also: Evaluating and Renewing Employee Health Insurance Plan How to avoid additional insurance premiums Insulate Your Company from Rising Health Insurance Costs How to Select Your Commercial Insurance Broker Contract Price What is Excess Insurance Definition? Defined as insurance which extends beyond the limitations of other policies, excess insurance is a common method of

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Convertible Debt Instrument

See Also: Company Valuation Coupon Rate Bond Covenant Definition of a Bond Contract Long Term Debt Non-Investment Grade Bonds Par Value of a Bond Preferred Stocks Convertible Debt Instrument (Bond) A convertible bond is a debt instrument issued by a company that can be exchanged for shares of that company’s common stock. The price at

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Insulate Your Company from Rising Health Insurance Costs

Refer to the following wiki about how to insulate your company from rising health insurance costs: Insulate Your Company from Rising Health Insurance Costs “How many times have your employees — or even potential employees — expressed concerns about the cost of the health insurance that your small business provide? It’s an employee concern that

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