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Point of Sale (POS) Method

See Also: Accounting Principles Percentage of Completion Method Completed Contract Method Cost Recovery Method Installment Method Point of Sale (POS) Method Definition The Point of Sale (POS) Method also known as the Revenue Method or Sales Method is one of the many methods under the Revenue Principle of Accounting. This method records the revenue at

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Larceny Definition

See Also: Skimming (fraud) The Fraud Triangle Accounting Fraud Prevention using QuickBooks Audit Scope Forensic Audit The Larceny Definition The Larceny definition is the act of stealing cash from a company after it has been recorded on the company books or accounting records. Larceny is often easier to detect because it is on the books,

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Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

See Also: Electronic Data Interchange Technology Assessment Criteria How to evaluate IT systems How Redundant is Your Data Communications Link? Research and Development Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Definition Electronic funds transfer (EFT) refers to an electronic financial transaction. According to the U.S. Electronic Fund Transfer Act, an EFT is a non-paper financial transaction initiated via

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