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Activity-based Costing (ABC) vs Traditional Costing

See Also: Activity Based Costing Standard Costing System Cost Driver Value Chain Implementing Activity Based Costing Absorption vs Variable Costing Activity Based Management Process Costing Overhead Job Costing Activity Based Costing Costing vs Traditional Costing In the field of accounting, activity-based costing and traditional costing are two different methods for allocating indirect (overhead) costs to products.

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Activity Based Cost Allocation

See Also: Implementing Activity Based Costing Activity Based Cost Allocation Let’s dig into activity based cost allocation. But first, we need to note that not all the allocation methods are based on the “cause and effect” concept. This is important because CEOs and other managers need to know what the real cost of a product

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Absorption vs Variable Costing

Absorption vs Variable Costing Meaning In the field of accounting, variable costing (direct costing) and absorption costing (full costing) are two different methods of applying production costs to products or services. The difference between the two methods is in the treatment of fixed manufacturing overhead costs. Under the direct costing method, fixed manufacturing overhead costs are expensed during

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Absorption Cost Accounting

See Also: Semi Variable Costs Standard Costing System Variable vs Fixed Cost Absorption Cost Accounting Absorption cost accounting (also known as the “Cost-Plus” approach), is a method that is centered upon the allocation of Manufacturing Cost to the product. This method is important for situations when a company needs to decide if it can be

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3 Things – Overhead Expense Reduction

Discover 3 things you should know about Overhead Expense Reduction in the following video. In the video, Ted Leitch with Expense Reduction Analysts discusses 3 useful tips you should know about reducing overhead expenses. 3 Things – Overhead Expense Reduction If you want to shape your economics to result in profit, then click here to download

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Keys to Profitable Growth

Today I attended a speech by Thomas Ryan, CEO of Service Corporation International (SCI). Though Mr Ryan covered several topics, one topic in particular interested me. He spoke to what he considered the keys to profitable growth. As you will recall, SCI was one of the original “roll up” firms focusing on the funeral industry.

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