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The Accounting Gap Between Large and Small Companies

The Accounting Gap: It’s unfortunate, but true. A large gap exists between the accounting departments of large or publicly traded companies and smaller or private companies. In our past 25 years of consulting we’ve noticed that more often than not, these smaller/private companies will fill the gap with Bookkeepers, rather than the degreed Accountants/CPAs they

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When to Outsource or Why Outsource at All?

As a financial leader of your organization, it’s important that you understand how your time works and what you are spending your time on. In today’s blog, we’re taking a look at when to outsource accounting or specific tasks and services and why outsource at all. Before we go into when, first, let’s understand, what

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Outsource Definition

See Also: Administration Expenses Outsource Definition The outsource definition is the practice of transferring business activities to an external organization instead of performing the activities internally. Outsourcing Criteria Companies may outsource business activities if they feel an external organization can perform the activities better or at a lower cast than if the company were to

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Outsourced Workers: Do You Need More Hats or More People?

Outsourcing is something that has always existed, but has seemed to become the “norm” for most companies. Rightly so, outsourced workers are an easy solution for financial leaders to mitigate costs. The big question we’re asking is: Do You Need More Hats or More People? If you’re looking at outsourcing, the first step is to complete

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