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Exploit New Business Opportunities

In this age of technology, it’s time for companies to be willing to exploit new business opportunities. More than ever before, companies are navigating this fast-pace and uncertain terrain. Bankruptcies, mergers, acquisitions, reductions, etc… It’s all changing the business landscape. But if companies do not exploit new business opportunities in fear of failing, then they

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Opportunity Costs in Your Decision-Making

Have you had to make an important decision and you kept weighing the alternatives, trying to decide which choice was more worthwhile? We all make important life decisions every day. We tend to focus on the benefit of our first choice and not the benefits of the next best choice. An opportunity cost is the

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Transfer Pricing

See Also: Service Department Costs Responsibility Center Profit Center Cost Center Cost Driver Transfer Pricing Transfer prices are the prices used for transactions within a company. A transfer price is an internal price. When one division of a company sells a product to another division of the same company, the price charged is called a

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Opportunity Cost Article

See Also: Opportunity Costs Capital Budgeting Methods Opportunity Costs In Your Decision Making Opportunity Cost Decision Making An opportunity cost is a hypothetical cost incurred by selecting one alternative over the next best available alternative. Opportunity costs are relevant in business decision making. In addition, companies commonly use them when evaluating corporate projects. Opportunity Cost

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Opportunity Cost Definition

See Also: The Future of the Accounting Workforce Future Value Cost Driver Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Auditor Opportunity Cost Revenue that has been forfeited for an alternative use of time or facilities. Often times these types of decisions are made because a company or person forgoes an immediate cash stream for hopefully a larger one

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Inventory Cost

See Also: How to Manage Inventory Inventory Turnover Ratio Analysis Days Inventory Outstanding Analysis Inventory to Working Capital Analysis Freight on Board (FOB) Inventory Cost Definition Defined as the total cost that a company experiences while holding inventory, inventory cost is often one of the most substantial factors in the success of a business. Inventory cost

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