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Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)

See Also: Return on Asset Analysis Return on Equity Analysis Financial Ratios Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) Current Ratio Analysis Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) Definition The return on capital employed ratio is used as a measurement between earnings, and the amount invested into a project or company. Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) Meaning The

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Proforma Earnings

See Also: Pro-Forma Financial Statements Retained Earnings EBITDA Operating Income (EBIT) Financial Ratios Proforma Earnings Definition Pro forma earnings are a company’s earnings that exclude rare, extraordinary, or nonrecurring items. Companies may incur expenses that do not reflect typical operating expenses. These expenses, which must be disclosed in financial statements in accordance with GAAP standards,

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Net Operating Loss Carryback and Carryforward

Net Operating Loss Carryback and Carryforward What is a net operating Loss carryback and carryforward? A net operating loss occurs when a company’s operating expenses and allowable tax deductions exceed its operating income for an accounting period. Companies pay taxes on operating income. When companies incur an operating loss, there is no taxable income, so

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Operating Income Example

See Also: Operating Income (EBIT) Operating Income Example For example, Marilyn is the CEO of a company which creates educational children’s toys. Marilyn loves her work and truly knows her business. With the support of her family and local bank Marilyn has taken her idea from startup to success in only 3 years. Pleased with

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Operating Income (EBIT)

See Also: Operating Income Example EBITDA Definition Net Income Free Cash Flow Operating Profit Margin Ratio Time Value of Money (TVM) What is operating income? Earnings before interest and tax, also know as operating income (EBIT), is defined as a measure of a company’s profit from ordinary operations, excluding interest and tax. EBIT is also

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Income Statement

See Also: Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) Financial Reporting Financial Ratios Balance Sheet Standard Chart of Accounts Common Size Financial Statement Balancing the Balance Sheet Income Statement Definition The income statement definition is a financial statement that shows a company’s revenues and expenses over a period of time. Furthermore, it reports a company’s financial performance

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