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Quick Ratio Analysis Benchmark Example

Quick Ratio Analysis Benchmark Example Quick ratio calculation is a useful skill for any business that may face cash flow issues. Furthermore, quick assets include those current assets that presumably can be quickly converted to cash at close to their book values. It normally includes cash, marketable securities, and some accounts receivables. Current liabilities represent

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Notes Payable

See Also: Current Liabilities Net 30 Credit Terms Accounts Payable Notes Receivable Long Term Debt Financial Ratios Notes Payable Definition Notes payable is a written promise to pay a certain amount at some future date. The account appears on the balance sheet when the company borrows money and signs a note or contract stating they

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Current Liabilities

See Also: Balance Sheet Current Assets Fixed Assets Fixed Assets – NonCurrent Assets Current Liabilities Current liabilities is a category of liabilities on the balance sheet. The category also consists of debts and other financial obligations expected to be paid or settled within one year or within one normal operating cycle of the business (whichever

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