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Net Income

See Also: Net Sales Net Operating Loss Carryback and Carryforward Financial Ratios Financial Reporting Accounts Payable Net Income Definition The net income definition is a company’s profit in a given fiscal period. It consists of total revenues earned in the period less total expenses incurred to generate the revenues in the period. When revenues exceed expenses,

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Net Profit Margin Ratio

See Also: Net Profit Margin Analysis Gross Profit Margin Ratio Analysis Net Profit Margin Ratio Using the net profit margin ratio formula, though essential, is a fairly simple process. The difficulty is taking steps every day to keep the proper financial information to calculate this and other financial ratios. Use this formula as a net

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Free Cash Flow Analysis

See Also: Cash Flow Projections Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Cash Cycle Steps to Track Money In and Out of a Company Free Cash Flow Analysis Definition Free cash flow analysis is the amount of cash that a company can put aside after it has paid all of its expenses at the end of an accounting

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EBITDA Formula

See Also: Definition of EBITDA EBITDA Valuation EBITDA Formula In order to completely understand the concept of EBITDA, an intelligent idea is to visualize the formula concept. Express the EBITDA calculation formula as follows: EBITDA = Revenues – Costs (excluding interest expenses, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) or, if a person wants to view EBITDA in

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Earnings per Share (EPS)

See Also: Price Earnings Growth Ratio Analysis Price Earnings Ratio Analysis Gross Profit Margin Ratio Analysis Net Profit Margin Analysis Financial Ratios Earnings per Share (EPS) Definition The earnings per share or EPS is the amount of profit that accrues to each shareholder based on their percentage ownerships or amount of shares owned within the

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Debt Service Coverage Ratio

See also: Operating Income (EBIT) Financial Ratios EBITDA Definition Loan Agreement Time Interest Earned Ratio Analysis Net Income Benchmarking Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio Times Interest Earned Ratio Free Cash Flow Debt Service Coverage Ratio The debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) is a financial ratio that measures the company’s ability to pay their debts. In broad terms the

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Asset Disposal Definition

See Also: Current Assets Fixed Assets Balance Sheet Income Statement Depreciation Asset Disposal Definition Asset disposal is the act of selling an asset usually a long term asset that has been depreciated over its useful life like production equipment. Disposal of Assets Explanation According to its depreciation, many companies contain an asset disposal policy to

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See Also: Are You Collecting Business Data? Business Intelligence and Finance Marking-to-Market Company Life Cycle Market Positioning Budgeting 101: Creating Successful Budgets Navigating Black Swan Events Problems When Experiencing Business Growth Benchmarking Analysis What is benchmarking analysis? Benchmarking is the process of comparing a company’s performance to the performance of other companies. Management can do

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Capitalization Rate Example

See Also: Capitalization Rate General Ledger Reconciliation and Analysis Valuation Methods Shareholders Equity Planning Your Exit Strategy Mergers and Acquisitions Capitalization Rate Example John started a real estate company in Indiana. His company has recently begun operations and is beginning to make money. John now wants to strengthen his business; to do this requires the

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