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Business Accelerator

See also: Dilemma of Financing a Start Up Company Why do most startups fail? Financing a Startup Business Accelerator Definition The business accelerator definition is a program that includes mentorship, education, and typically a “demo day” where companies are able to pitch their business to the business community. This business community is typically comprised of

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Designing an Internship Program

5 Steps to Designing an Internship Program Internship programs are a great way for your organization to bring in new talent and fresh ideas with motivated and knowledgeable interns. Many companies offer internship programs for college students. Both the organization and the interns benefit from the value of an internship experience. Establishing successful intern programs

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Advisory Board Best Practices

See Also: How to Run an Effective Meeting Future of the Accounting Workforce How To Train People For Success Advisory Board Agreement How to Hire New Employees How to form an Advisory Board Advisory Board Best Practices Tips Best Practices of advisory board management include setting an agenda, communicating with members and soliciting recommendations. Once

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UH Entrepreneurship Mentor Program

The University of Houston Wolff School for Entrepreneurship is looking for seasoned, compassionate entrepreneurs to mentor a university student through an experience that has the potential to change both lives. The UH Entrepreneurship Mentor Program has changed lives. Every year the University of Houston educates 2,000 students in entrepreneurship. From this pool, the Wolff Center for

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3 Things – Selecting Advisory Board Members

Discover 3 things you should know about Selecting Advisory Board Members. In the video Jim Wilkinson, President and founder of The Strategic CFO discusses 3 useful tips you should know about selecting members for an Advisory Board. Selecting Advisory Board Members Watch the following video to learn about selecting advisory board members. 1. Do Not

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Forming Advisory Boards for Entrepreneurs

Dave Steitz with Steitz Partners discusses forming advisory boards for entrepreneurs. He also discusses the compensation of advisory boards and management of the advisory board meeting. An advisory board is one of the most powerful tools an entrepreneur can implement to spur growth and profitability! Forming Advisory Boards for Entrepreneurs The advisory board is meant

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