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Mistakes Manufacturing Companies Make

Job costing, cost accounting, manufacturing costs, what does all of this mean? Oftentimes, job costing, cost accounting, and manufacturing costs are used interchangeably. As a manufacturer, it does not matter what you call it. But it is critical that as a manufacturer, you capture all of your conversion costs. Simply put, you are taking raw material

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Brexit: Why should you care?

Britain’s exit from the EU, commonly nicknamed Brexit, is one of the most discussed issues over the past week; particularly when it comes to the financial implications of Brexit and how it impacts business.For the first time in its existence, the European Union (EU) has lost a country from its (previously) 28-country politico-economic union.  News reports have

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Work in Progress

What is Work in Progress? In accounting, a work in progress (WIP) account is an inventory account that includes goods that are in the process of being produced but are not yet finished. This account represents the costs of resources used but not yet turned into completed products. Also refer to the work in progress

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Vertical Integration

See Also: Horizontal Integration Business Cycle Business Segment Reporting Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Business Intelligence and Finance Vertical Integration What does vertical integration mean? Vertical integration is the process or a company’s domination of every aspect of the production line or process for a particular product. This includes the extraction of raw materials to manufacturing,

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Why Don’t I Have Cash?

See Also: Cash Cycle Cash Flow Statement Free Cash Flow External Sources of Cash Why Don’t I Have Cash? I was involved in a meeting with a prospect a few weeks ago who we will call Don. Don owns a manufacturing company which is presently experiencing a growth rate of thirty percent annually. He is

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Semi Variable Costs

See Also: Variable vs Fixed Cost Absorption vs Variable Costing Product Costs vs Period Costs Sunk Costs How to Estimate Expenses for an Annual Budget Semi Variable Costs Definition Semi variable costs are costs that include both a fixed and a variable component. They are also called mixed costs. Semi Variable Cost Example 1 For

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Standard Cost

Standard Costs Definition Standard cost accounting is a goal or budget costs that is associated with variable costs. They are also used to measure the cost that management believes that it will incur over a period. Standard Costing Explained In short, standard costing takes the direct labor, direct materials, and manufacturing overhead, and estimates the

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Removal Costs

See Also: Average Cost Agency Costs Fixed Costs Variable Cost Loan Term Removal Costs Definition Removal costs, defined as the costs of removing any physical material from the original location it was placed in, is an often forgotten cost. Despite this, it can have a huge effect on the finances of a company. Major manufacturing

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Product Costs

See Also: Economic Production Run (EPR) Product Pricing Strategies Bank Charge Completed Production Method Inventory Shrinkage Product Costs Definition Define product costs as the total costs of creating products, is an essential factor in the success of a manufacturing business. Some of these components include all direct costs, from raw materials to labor and even

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Manufacturing Cost

See Also: Activity-based Costing (ABC) vs Traditional Costing Absorption vs Variable Costing Average Cost Standard Cost Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Absorption Cost Accounting Manufacturing Cost Definition Defined as the labor, material, and overhead costs in producing a finished product, manufacturing costs are the most significant factor in any manufacturing business. Manufacturing Cost Explanation Many

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Make-or-Buy Business Decision

See Also: Company Life Cycle Market Positioning Marking to Market Mining the Balance Sheet for Working Capital Inventory to Working Capital Make-or-Buy Business Decision Make-or-buy decisions arise in business when a company must decide whether to produce goods internally or to purchase them externally. This typically is an issue when a company has the ability

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Maintenance Contract

See Also: Progress Billing for a General Contractor Completed Contract Method Covenant Definition of a Bond Contract How to Maintain an Effective Job Schedule Accounting Cycle Maintenance Contract Definition A maintenance contract, defined as the contract between 2 parties which creates the agreement that one party will maintain an asset owned by another party, is

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