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Market Rate

Market Rate Definition The market rate, defined as the rate of interest, on a loan or investment, which is commonly available on the market for that product, defined the cost of benefit of the tool. For a loan, the market rate is the average rate of interest that will be charged to the receiver from

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Loan Term

See Also: Loan Agreement 5 C’s of Credit (5 C’s of Banking) Self-Liquidating Loans How important is personal credit in negotiating a commercial loan? Loan Origination Fee Term Deposit What is a Term Sheet? Preparing a Loan Package Loan Term Definition Loan term, defined as the period of time between when a loan is received

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Loan Origination Fee

See Also: How important is personal credit in negotiating a commercial loan? Loan Agreement Loan Term 5 C’s of Credit (5 C’s of Banking) Mezzanine Debt Financing (Mezzanine Loans) Loan Origination Fee Definition The loan origination fee definition is a charge from a lender to a borrower usually for mortgage loans. The origination fee is usually

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Loan Agreement

Loan Agreement Definition A loan is a debt instrument. One party lends assets, property, or money to another party in exchange for interest payments and the eventual return of the borrowed asset, property, or money. A loan agreement is usually drawn up in writing before any assets change hands between parties. Loan Term Explanation A

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Line of Credit (Bank Line)

See Also: 5 Cs of Credit What are the 7 Cs of banking Credit Rating Agencies How Important is Personal Credit in Negotiating a Commercial Loan? Improve Your Credit Score Line of Credit (Bank Line) A line of credit (bank line) is a type of loan agreement between a bank and a borrower. Basically, a

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LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate)

See Also: Interest Rate Swaps Prime Lending Rate Libor versus Prime Rate Federal Funds Rate LIBOR Definition The LIBOR definition is a benchmark interest rate derived from the rates at which banks are able to borrow funds from one another in the London inter-bank market, is the foundation of all lending rates. Furthermore, this term

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Interest Rate Definition

See Also: Effective Rate of Interest Calculation Interest Expense What are the 7 Cs of banking Time Value of Money (TVM) Interest Rate Risk LIBOR vs Prime Rate Federal Funds Rate Definition Treasury Inflation Protected Securities Interest Rate Definition An interest rate signifies a borrowing cost. The interest rate definition is the rate the lender

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Form 1098

Form 1098 Definition The IRS uses the form 1098 for the purpose of gathering information upon an individual’s amount of interest payments and mortgage payments throughout the year. 1098 reporting is beneficial because it allows an individual to claim a 1098 deduction on the tax return. Form 1098 Explanation The 1098 form often times is there

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Personal Credit for Commercial Loan

Personal Credit for Commercial Loan Personal credit for commercial loan is generally more important in obtaining a loan when the size of the company is small and/or the owner(s) make most, if not all, significant business decisions. This is due to the potential for an individual’s approach to business to mirror how they conduct their personal financial

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History of Factoring

History of Factoring Factoring is a word often incorrectly used synonymously with accounts receivable financing. In Europe, the term “factoring” has become the term for accounts receivable financing in general; but in the U.S., this term refers to a specialized form of financing that involves the actual transfer of the ownership of the receivable to the lender, more

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Financial Assets

See Also: Accounting Asset Definition Asset Market Value vs Asset Book Value Long Term Debt to Total Asset Ratio Analysis Return on Asset Analysis Financial Assets Definition Financial assets definition is a contractual security that possesses a claim upon a company or person’s real assets. In comparison, a company invest the cash received from issuing

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External Sources of Cash

See Also: Angel Investor Categories of Banks Commercial Paper Common Stock Convertible Debt Instrument Venture Capital External Sources of Cash In another article, I told you about Sue and generating cash from sources within her business. I will not detail her entire story at this time, but will tell you that we were successful in

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