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Reorganization Definition

See Also: Debtor in Possession Financial Distress Costs Insolvency The Reorganization Definition Reorganization is when a bankrupt company restructures its debt obligations without going out of business. During reorganization, the debtor retains ownership of its assets and continues business operations. The debtor then renegotiates the terms of its debt obligations to creditors. If a company

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Loan Agreement

Loan Agreement Definition A loan is a debt instrument. One party lends assets, property, or money to another party in exchange for interest payments and the eventual return of the borrowed asset, property, or money. A loan agreement is usually drawn up in writing before any assets change hands between parties. Loan Term Explanation A

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Interest Expense

See Also: Interest Expense Formula What is Compound Interest Effective Rate of Interest Calculation Nominal Interest Rate When is Interest Rate Not as Important in Selecting a Loan? Capitalized Interest Interest Expense Definition Interest expense, defined as a non-operating expense on the income statement, occurs anywhere money is borrowed. Consider this part of a company’s

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Control Annual Audit Fees

See Also: How to Choose An Independent CPA or Auditor How to Hire a CFO Controller American Institute of Certified Public Accountants – AICPA How to create dynamic cash flow projections Control Annual Audit Fees Explained Annual audits of a company’s financial statements may be required by partnership, loan or other agreements. The cost of

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Fixed Interest Rate vs Floating Interest Rate

See Also: Effective Rate of Interest Calculation What is Compound Interest When is Interest Rate Not as Important in Selecting a Loan? Nominal Interest Rate Interest Rate Swaps Fixed Interest Rate vs Floating Interest Rate A loan can have a fixed interest rate or a floating interest rate. If the loan has a fixed interest

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Due Diligence

See Also: Due Diligence on Lenders Auditor Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Audit Committee Loan Agreement Due Diligence Definition The Due Diligence definition is an extensive qualitative and quantitative look at a company. It helps company leaders make the best informed business decision about a company. Furthermore, Due Diligence is often associated with audits, where it

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Libor vs Prime Rate

Interesting article in the April 23rd Wall Street Journal on page C1 highlighting the divergence of Libor from U.S. Prime Rate. Let’s dive into what the difference between Libor vs Prime Rate is. What’s the Difference Between Libor vs Prime Rate? Libor has been increasing while the Prime Rate has been dropping. You need to

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