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Why Don’t I Have Cash?

See Also: Cash Cycle Cash Flow Statement Free Cash Flow External Sources of Cash Why Don’t I Have Cash? I was involved in a meeting with a prospect a few weeks ago who we will call Don. Don owns a manufacturing company which is presently experiencing a growth rate of thirty percent annually. He is

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Unsecured Credit

See Also: Debits and Credits Credit Letter Direct Tax Credit Memorandum (memo) Unsecured Credit Definition Define unsecured credit as credit not collateralized by an asset. It is a common form of credit used for business. Furthermore, an unsecured credit line comes in many forms, including the following: Credit card Trade credit Lines of credit Mezzanine debt

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Line of Credit (Bank Line)

See Also: 5 Cs of Credit What are the 7 Cs of banking Credit Rating Agencies How Important is Personal Credit in Negotiating a Commercial Loan? Improve Your Credit Score Line of Credit (Bank Line) Definition A line of credit (bank line) is a type of loan agreement between a bank and a borrower. Basically,

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Dilemma of Financing a Startup Company

See Also: Working Capital Angel Investor Venture Capitalists Why Venture Capital Mezzanine Debt Financing The Dilemma of Financing a Startup Company I had a meeting the other day with a prospect named Chris. Chris owns a distribution company he started fifteen months ago from his home. He has grown his company to annual revenues in

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Can Factoring Be Better Than A Bank Loan?

See Also: What is Factoring Receivables The Dreaded “F” word Accounting For Factored Receivables Journal Entries For Factored Receivables Working Capital Preparing a Loan Package Question About: Can Factoring Be Better Than A Bank Loan? What I have found is that normally a business owner who needs financing for the growth of their business start

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The KISS Principle can be “Simply Stupid”

How often have you heard a business owner say “Why would anyone include depreciation, or rent, or insurance and many similar costs, in their Cost of Goods Sold? It’s best to keep it simple!” They want to apply the KISS Principle, but it can be simply stupid. The KISS Principle can be “Simply Stupid” Well

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