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Product Life Cycle Stages

See also: Product Life Cycle Company Life Cycle Why You Need a New Pricing Strategy Increasing Pricing on Products What is the Product Life Cycle? A product life cycle includes stages the product experiences throughout its lifetime – from conception of the idea to the decline and abandonment of the product. Some products experience longer

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The Sacred Cow: Lack of Succession Planning

We have all heard the term, “The Sacred Cow”. Here is how I apply it to the business world… I am in my 28th year of working as a professional after graduating from college. I have been privileged to work in large private companies, small private companies, and large publicly traded companies. In addition, I

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Are You Wearing Too Many Hats?

Do you sometimes feel that the value you bring to your company is worth more than your salary?  In the business world, often expectations exceed compensation, especially with financial leaders. What does the role of a CFO actually look like? Before we dive deeper, it’s important to ask some questions: Are you the person that

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Product Life Cycle

Product Life Cycle Definition A product life cycle, defined is the period from when a product goes through its initial specifications and research to the withdrawal of that product from the market. There are five product life cycle stages. Product Life Cycle Meaning The product cycle stages are as follows: Research and Development This is

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Company Life Cycle

See Also: Dispersion Capitalization Market Positioning Limited Partnership Mergers and Acquisitions Product Life Cycle Company Life Cycle Definition Broadly speaking, companies progress through a predictable series of phases called the company life cycle. The life cycle starts with the startup phase, moves into the rapid growth phase, followed by the maturity phase, and finally the

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