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Purchase Option

Purchase Option Definition H1 Purchase option, defined as the opportunity to purchase a piece of property which is being leased after the lease is completed, is part of the many options available in a lease agreement. A purchase option is often agreed upon by the two parties involved before the contract is made. Purchase Option

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Lease Term

See Also: Capital Lease Agreement Lease Agreements Operating Lease Sale-and-Leaseback Why Is Intellectual Property Risk Everybody’s Problem? Lease Term Definition Defined as the period of time in which a contracted lease is in place, lease term establishes the time period to both the lessee and lessor. Lease terms generally come on 3 forms: fixed, periodic,

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Lease Agreements

Lease Agreements Explanation A lease agreement is a legal contract between two parties for the usage of an asset or property over a set period of time in exchange for rent payments. The owner of the asset or property allows another party to use the asset or property for payments. Often a lease agreement includes

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