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Adding Value as a Financial Leader

The role of the CFO or financial leader of an organization used to be termed as a “numbers cruncher”. For many reasons, The Strategic CFO has been working tirelessly to coach, consult, and mentor CFOs, Controllers, and others in the finance and accounting function to go from being a number crunchers to a value-adding financial leader.

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What It Takes To Be A Successful Leader

No matter the engagement, having leadership involved in our work is vital. Over the years, some very talented people have defined leadership. Great authors and business coaches have also defined leadership. I did a quick Google search on the definition of “leadership” and here is what I found: the action of leading a group of

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Spot a Zombie Company

Last week, I talked with several lenders, investors, and entrepreneurs. One of the topics that kept coming up was their client’s problems wasn’t cash – even though their clients tried to convince them of it. While cash was an issue that needed to be addressed, the problem instead lies in the leadership. A few weeks

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The Role of the CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

See Also: How Does a CFO Bring Value to a Company? Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Controller vs CFO Adding Value as a Financial Leader Role of a Company Back Office The Role of the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) The role of the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) has been changing over the past twenty years. Originally,

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CEO’s Role in a Company

There is some confusion about just what exactly is the CEO’s role in a company. Some people think it is to be the manager of the organization. Others think it might be to be the face of the company to the public. CEO’s Role in a Company Let’s ask the question another way. How does

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Every Leader Needs a Coach

Every leader needs a coach. This person is someone who has helped you develop your individual skills, knowledge, and ability to better perform your job or given task. But no matter the profession, be it billionaire business owners, world famous athletes to the little league sports player, they are able to pinpoint a particular person

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UH Entrepreneurship Mentor Program

The University of Houston Wolff School for Entrepreneurship is looking for seasoned, compassionate entrepreneurs to mentor a university student through an experience that has the potential to change both lives. The UH Entrepreneurship Mentor Program has changed lives. Every year the University of Houston educates 2,000 students in entrepreneurship. From this pool, the Wolff Center for

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