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Interest Rate in Selecting a Loan

See Also: What is Compound Interest Effective Rate of Interest Calculation Interest Expense Nominal Interest Rate Interest Rate Swaps Why is the interest rate in selecting a loan not the best indicator? First off, the interest rate is always important. It determines the size of your loan payments. There are, however, other considerations which may

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Rule of 72

The rule of 72 is an approximation tool used to determine the amount of time it will take for money to double on the earnings of compound interest. Rule of 72 Explained The rule of 72 is essentially an estimation for determining the amount of years or the doubling time of an investment. Do this

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Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio Definition

Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio Meaning Fixed Charge coverage ratio, defined as a measure of how well a company can meet its fixed financial obligations (such as interest and leases) with its operating profit, also serves as a measure of the ability of a company to pay bills owed. It indicates the financial risk involved in

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Daily Sales Outstanding Calculation

See Also: DSO – Daily Sales Outstanding Daily Sales Outstanding Formula What is Daily Sales Outstanding Calculation? The daily sales outstanding calculation requires little more than a basic understanding of mathematics. Maintaining proper financials allows this and other essential calculations to be performed. The days sales outstanding formula, ultimately, leads to monitoring the health and

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Business Cycle

See Also: Efficient Market Theory Economic Indicators Economic Value Added Supply and Demand Elasticity Porters Five Forces of Competition Business Cycle Definition The business cycle refers to recurring patterns of expansion and contraction in an economy. It is also called the economic cycle. During the expansion phase of the cycle of business, the economy is

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FDIC Bank Failure Watch List: Leading or Lagging Indicator?

The FDIC produces the FDIC bank failure watch list every Friday at 7:00p.m. As of April 24th there were 29 failed banks in 2009. There were only 25 failed banks in 2008! If this trend holds true we should have 85 to 90 bank failures in 2009! A 350% increase in bank failures in 2009

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