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Tax Brackets

See Also: Marginal Tax Rate Prepaid Income Tax Ad Valorem Tax Deferred Income Tax Cash Flow After Tax What are Tax Brackets? What are tax brackets? Tax brackets are levels of taxation determined by income. Individuals with income falling within a certain tax bracket pay taxes according to the stated rate for that bracket. Typically,

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Prepaid Income Tax

In accounting, Prepaid Income Tax is defined as an asset listed on the balance sheet that represents taxes that have been already paid despite not yet having been incurred. It is also called a deferred income tax asset. Prepaid Income Tax Explanation Prepaid income tax is a form of prepaid expense. The most common reason

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Congress passes tax deal. What’s in it?

The Congress has passed, and the President is expected to sign, legislation which will, in effect, maintain Federal income tax rates at the levels which have been in effect for several years. So what will be the impact for you and your company? The tax and accounting publisher CCH has a good rundown which might

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Whole New Meaning For “Tax Return”

I was helping my daughter prepare her tax return last night. She graduated in May of 2009 and started a job in August 2009. As she was entering information into Turbo Tax, she asked me how much money she would get back. I informed her that she may or may not get any money back.

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History of Income Tax Rates: Refresher

After the President’s recent State of the Union speech it might be a good time to refresh our knowledge of the history of income tax rates. Given the massive deficit that the government is creating it is inevitable that income tax rates will go up. But by how much? History should provide a clue as

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When will it end?

Thanks to an incredible increase in the leverage used by various commercial banks, investment banks, and investment firms over the last 6 years, the US capital markets and perhaps the world’s teeter on the verge of collapse. For a good overview and one that puts it in the proper perspective, see this from the WSJ.

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Don’t Let Tax Strategies Drive Financial Performance

With most young companies cash is king. As a company grows managing the cash available to finance that grow is crucial to sustaining the growth rate. Minimizing the cash expenses of the company is an entrepreneurs and CFO’s primary job. One of the main cash expenses is federal income taxes. Don’t Let Tax Strategies Drive

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