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More Questions Your Banker Wants Answered…

In a recent post, I talked about a conversation I had with our banker and the three questions she’d most like answers to.  In case you missed it, her questions were… How are you feeling about your business and the local economy? What is the outlook for the rest of the year? What are you

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Special Tax Bond

Special Tax Bond Definition A Special Tax Bond is a bond, usually issued by a government entity. It uses a particular tax to pay off creditors. Special Tax Bond Meaning Local governments like cities or states normally use special tax bonds. A government entity will use a special tax bond for city or state management.

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Fiat Money

See Also: Cash Cycle Categories of Banks What are the 7 C’s of banking? Currency Exchange Rates Currency Swap Fiat Money Definition The definition of fiat money is currency made into legal tender. Furthermore, a governmental entity backs this tender to ensure its legitimacy. Fiat Money Explained Normally, fiat money is issued for a government

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Direct Tax

See Also: Indirect Labor Direct Labor Direct Cost vs. Indirect Cost Unsecured Credit Flat Tax Rates Tax Abatement Direct Tax Definition Direct tax, defined as a tax directly on the amount of a taxable item, is the current tax method of the U.S.A. Currently in the U.S., this includes taxes wages, property, capital gains, or

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Controller vs Comptroller

See Also: Controller Controller vs CFO The Importance of Knowing Your Leadership Competencies Flash Reports Are a Game Changer Difference Between The Controller vs Comptroller What is the difference is between a controller vs comptroller? At the end of the day, the controller vs comptroller relationship is not all too diverse. A controller is a

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BM&FBovespa Definition The BM&FBovespa definition is known as the Bolsa de Valores Mercadorias & Futuros de Sao Paulo or the Sau Paulo Stock Exchange in English. It is the largest stock exchange in Brazil, fourth largest in the Americas, and tenth largest in the world in terms of market capitalization. Furthermore, this stock exchange is

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Ad Valorem Tax

See Also: Flat Tax Rates Marginal Tax Rate Tax Brackets Tax Efficiency Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Special Tax Bond Ad Valorem Tax Definition Ad Valorem, which is Latin for “according to value“, refers to the taxes imposed on people usually by local or state municipalities. The two types are ad valorem property taxes and ad

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Taxes Drive Behavior!

Taxes Drive Behavior Example Taxes drive behavior in business! In 1839, a new design of sailing ship, the Scottish Maid, was launched in Aberdeen, Scotland. The Scottish Maid was the first British clipper ship designed to take advantage of the tonnage regulations imposed by Britain in 1836. The new regulations measured the depth and breadth

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History of Income Tax Rates: Refresher

After the President’s recent State of the Union speech it might be a good time to refresh our knowledge of the history of income tax rates. Given the massive deficit that the government is creating it is inevitable that income tax rates will go up. But by how much? History should provide a clue as

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