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Fixed Asset Turnover Analysis

See Also: Sensitivity Analysis Valuation Working Capital Analysis Return on Asset Analysis Standard Chart of Accounts SWOT Analysis (ROE) Return on Equity Fixed Asset Turnover Analysis Definition The definition of fixed asset turnover analysis and ratio shows what portion of sales is generated from fixed asset investment. Additionally, it is most likely to be useful

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Commercial Lease

Commercial Lease Definition A commercial lease generally speaking refers to the use of office space, warehouses, or even the land itself without the hassle of ownership. These assets are used in return for periodic payments or commercial lease payments. Commercial Lease Explained Commercial leases have several advantages over simply owning the fixed assets, but also

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Accounting Asset Definition

See Also: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Financial Accounting Standards Board International Financial Reporting Standards Depreciation Financial Assets Accounting Asset Definition In accounting, an asset has two criteria: a company must own or control it, and it must be expected to generate future benefit for that company. Assets on Balance Sheet A company records the value

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